The Future of Web3 in Dubai

We speak with Adnan Al Noorani about the future of web3 in Dubai.

Why do you feel it is so important for you to support getting more women involved in web3 and subsequently, creating more diversity?

I believe that men and women have different visions of things. Women are usually more creative and have a different angle of understanding things in various spheres of our lives, including business and technology. I see a lot of new ideas, solutions, and products that will improve human lives in the future, and a lot of them were invented by women. And I am quite sure that we, as men, should support and encourage women in all aspects of life.

How do you think women’s leadership has changed in Dubai and the UAE during the last few years?

Oh, it has grown significantly and the growth is still going on. I am extremely proud and excited to see more and more Emirati women become scientists, engineers, social influencers and so much more! It is great to see the improvement of women’s leadership in the UAE.

Do you think more women are taking more leadership roles?

I would say a lot of wonderful and talented women are taking leadership roles and we must support every woman on their way to a great and bright future.

What kind of things have you done to support these initiatives?

One of the initiatives is the Future Innovation Summit, founded in August 2021. Since then, we are trying to support women’s leadership and women’s empowerment. We have many great women experts and visionaries at our summit and always trying to do our best to encourage their path.

How do you think technology has helped to bring more women into leadership roles?

As I mentioned earlier, men and women see our world differently. And the technological boom that is taking place for the past decades opens a lot of opportunities for women to share their ideas, vision, and expertise with everyone. I believe that a lot of technologies that we have right now have got into our lives thanks to women’s leadership

What more do you think should or needs to be done to improve diversity?

First and foremost, we need to give full support to women no matter what. We must encourage them on their way to success. We should open the doors for them and open our minds and ears to their ideas. Believe me, that is going to change the world.

What kind of partnerships have you formed to help grow your women initiatives within the Future Innovation Summit? For example, the partnership you have with BABS Labs to let them host websh3 as part of the Innovation Summit, are there any others and why do you feel websh3 was a good partner?

Yes, we have got several strong partnerships as of now. For instance, we are partnering right now with International Women Association to support all its members. We have several business partnerships in healthcare, education, and sustainability. And thanks to BABS, right now are ready to collaborate with great women experts in the Web3 industry. And we’re so excited to see what will happen in the future.

What noticeable and tangible changes would you like to see implemented by 2027? What targets need to be met?

Franky speaking, there are a lot of significant changes that have been already implemented thanks to the vision of our great leaders, and more are yet to come. The United Arab Emirates has amazing strategies that are coming up soon. And you will see a lot of wonderful changes not only in the UAE but also all over the world.

How do you think tech will play a part in the growth of Dubai and where do you see women playing a larger part in this growth?

Dubai has become the number one city in terms of technology. Not only Dubai but the entire UAE. We have the best technologies, education, healthcare, security & safety, sustainability, and so on. The UAE is a country of world record, tolerance, and peace. We are always proud to welcome and support the brightest masterminds from all over the world. And I am sure that women will take a significant part of outstanding experts in the UAE.

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

I believe that the young generation is our future and this is our duty to guide them in the right direction. Nowadays, the youth is often getting distracted and it’s a must for all of us to educate them and explain what is good and what is bad. I want to share my vision with all people so that one day we will see the world without struggle, hunger, or pain.

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