How to Encourage Employees to Arrive on Time

Getting your workers to work on time every time is a considerable challenge.

Regardless of what kind of business you have, there is a chance you have dealt with late workers on occasion.

Research shows that 16% of employees admitted they arrived at work late once a week. While having occasional late workers might not seem like a big deal, in due course, chronic tardiness can add up, costing the business a considerable amount of money as well as affecting the overall culture of the company.

Tardiness costs businesses billions of dollars every year in lost salaries, productivity, low quality of work, and excess management time. What is more, chronic trendiness can result in frustration and a considerable drop in morale in the office- you need punctuality and hard work to be valued; however, the whole team witnesses how some workers leave with having a flexible schedule.

 It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big business, at some point, you’ll be encountered the huge challenge of your workers being late. This is annoying since many companies d depend on the labor force being on the clock and ready to work by a particular time.

For entrepreneurs out there searching for practical, helpful ways to encourage their workers to come on time, below are some helpful ideas for boosting on-time attendance.

Establish Expectations in the Early Hours

First and foremost, you have to establish expectations in the early hours. Ensure the new hires know that on-time attendance is a must for them as workers or team members. Think of having your workers sign an employment contract that summarizes your expectation. This assists a lot in establishing that they agree to on-time attendance. If a worker does show up later, ensure to take time to discuss with them- and know why don’t simply let it slide or presuppose that it will not happen in the future.

Discuss with your Workers

Things take place, cars break down, people get ill, and sometimes traffic can prevent employees, even the most diligent ones, from coming to work on time. In case your punctual or on-time workers happen to be late, never jump to conclusions or begin plotting ways to sanction them; rather, talk to them. It is vital to take a couple of minutes to know why he or she is late. If she has a solid reason or her life-work balancing is being interrupted, think of giving her a break. As an additional bonus, a team member who allows others to understand that you are reasonable with your workers might directly boost employee motivation.

Provide Incentives

Some organizations or companies provide reinforcement or rewards to motivate workers to show up on time. Incentives can take into account a gift certificate, cash bonuses, extra vacation days, or being able to leave early on specific days. To make this plan work, you will need to make sure that you pick meaningful rewards that your employees are interested in. Company owners do not need to reinvent the wheel here; managers like you can just ask your employees directly what would motivate them to work hour milestones.

Also, you will want to offer clear goals for them to follow so they have things to strive for. For instance, an employee with perfect on-time attendance for one month will get an additional $50 as a reward; however, it ensures they understand that there is no exception. Also, you can make it into something assessable based on teams that could enhance productivity and motivate workers to keep them responsible for sticking to the job schedule.

Avoid Playing Favorites

It is vital always to treat the team fairly. Suppose one of your workers is coming in late regularly, and others see that they’re consistently permitted to get away with it. In that case, it can seriously affect the morale of the workers or even affect them to check in late too. This is one of the many reasons why it is vital to restrain bad habits the moment they begin. Look forward to a similar standard of timeliness from each one; your workers will be grateful for it.

Think of Adjusting the Schedule of your Workers

If you have a worker who is coming late regularly, think of talking with her to know why. Perhaps she needs to drop her little ones at school, and that is why she is always 10 minutes late. If possible, think of adjusting her schedule to make life stress-free and easier for her. While this would not work for each business or shift work, it is worth giving it a second thought when the start time is not a problem. A lot of companies also provide their workers the choice to work from home during free time and with amazing results. Research shows that working at home has radically boosted productivity and boosted job satisfaction.

Increase Morale

Workers who hate their work are indeed underperformers. For your staff that is regularly late, this is a perfect place to consider when looking for the reason for her tardiness. With regards to a worker with low self-esteem, before scolding them for being late, know how they feel about their work.

Maybe it is something as easy as her work area is depressing and dark. Or it may be that she likes more accountability, or she is bored at work. Keep in mind that something personal can affect her productivity.

When an employee has low morale, the last thing the staff cares about is showing up to work on time. Try and help your employee the best you can. If the issue is a dark setting, why not bring in some lighting or provide a new space?


Business owners need to track their worker’s schedules and make sure they come to the office on time. As mentioned above, tardiness can affect the company’s productivity. One way to track their schedule is with the use of an employee attendance monitoring system, as it assists you to see who is clocked in as well as at what time. This provides a precise picture of the company’s labor cost.

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