Enterprise app development: types, features and functionality

The foundation of a successful business application is well-designed business logic, which allows to perform the tasks of each department and individual employee with minimal costs and maximum results.

Preliminary analysis of business processes, search for weaknesses and optimization significantly increase the efficiency of the application and the company and therefore help the business grow. But rather help them perform various tasks. Why has enterprise mobile application development become so relevant today?

Answer yourself a few questions before developing:

  • For which operating systems do you want to order Enterprise app development?
  • Are you willing to purchase devices and pay for communications?
  • How many employees will use the application and is it worth ordering Enterprise app development for them? And where will you place it for download?

The benefits of enterprise app development and implementation are obvious, but some fears prevent some executives from delaying the start of digitalization as long as possible. In conservative teams, there is the danger of employee sabotage or decreased motivation. 

Employees are not always happy about innovations that require mastering a completely new culture of interaction in the company, and this may be led by the manager himself. But today, even if your company has a great past, even if it is an infrastructure part of the country, there is a risk of losing the edge at one point. Young, agile companies with an agile approach and creative products can, in an instant, leave out the sluggish conservatives. 

In the lockdown in many industries, those who have mastered technology have survived. And the companies that ordered Enterprise app development and implemented digital systems before the coronavirus era were the least affected and quickly moved their work to a remote location. Today it is clear that there is no turning back and that every company has an enterprise tool.

What can enterprise app development do for your business?

Process Automation

Automation is one of the main reasons companies turn to mobile applications. Can greatly simplify operations and reduce human intervention in them, saving time and costs.


Such a tool allows businesses to experiment more flexibly with enterprise app development and IT systems, implementing flexible approaches to meeting requests and implementing new features. Simply, your company won’t just be able to respond to existing external technology and business challenges but to innovate and independently formulate tasks within the company.

Real-time connectivity and analytics

Another important reason to integrate tools into existing IT systems is to get better analytics. The tool can become a trusted source of comprehensive, connected data about the company and its members, and in real-time, actionable insights for making important decisions.

Access to Data

Organizations are investing heavily in cloud storage and data access. Such a tool allows workers to store data in the cloud, “on the go”; executives to access it instantly; IT professionals to manage the entire infrastructure securely and centrally.

For example, Burger King, for its chain of self-service kiosks, created a bot that collects data on outages and promptly sends it to a messenger to inform staff. An idle kiosk is a bad kiosk that generates losses. It is necessary to minimize downtime. This requires promptly informing staff of failures, and management decisions require end-to-end analytics on how restaurants are handling their problems with them. Bots and mobile messengers solved all of this.

Improving the user experience

A mobile application shouldn’t just improve process automation; it should provide employees with a better user experience than they’re used to in “regular” mobile software. This includes a beautiful interface, animations, offline work, push notifications, working across multiple platforms, and maybe even gamification — all things that are already familiar to most users. Down with huge sheets of forms and unreadable text.

Mobile is important

Mobile tools can dramatically improve a company’s performance, not only in the here, and now, but also by making a mark for the future. Companies that reject platforms and mobile as part of their internal culture are likely to lose the battle in the digital transformation now unfolding.

Those who embrace the trend and make it part of their culture and strategy will gain significant advantages and a head start.

Practical benefits: facts and figures

According to a recent study by Harvard University experts, integration allows:

  • 71% faster access to a company’s information database,
  • 68% reduction in travel costs and 48% reduction in communication costs,
  • Improve document management by 63%,
  • Increase employees’ satisfaction with their work by 56%.

Developing the Internet significantly accelerated many processes in our lives, whether it’s buying plane tickets or collecting information. The workplace has been affected as well. So, corporate platforms are not a newfangled phenomenon but another round of technological progress. And all parties benefit from it: employees’ productivity, loyalty to the company, and motivation increase, and it is easier for management to check the work process and manage the collective.

How to guarantee the security of corporate communications?

Today, as part of enterprise app development, it is possible to create a decent service that helps organizations secure communications within the company. Such a system can be installed on your servers or work via the cloud. 

The capabilities of the platform allow you to organize access management, project management, group work of company employees, information, and instant messaging.

As part of enterprise app development, it is possible to implement the ability for users to maintain their databases, create thematic archives, interact in personal and group chats, and create separate channels for projects, open or closed. Find the information you need with a semantic search that understands multi-level queries.

A password manager integrated during enterprise app development removes the possibility of hacking. Employees only deal with information that has been individually configured for them — even the administrator cannot access data from others, as there is no administrator in the system: the platform uses end-to-end encryption of corporate correspondence for maximum security of data protection.

So, enterprise app development allows you to create a user-friendly, intuitive, and easy-to-use project. Such optimized company work increase employees’ motivation. If you decide to create a corporate tool, you need to determine the range of tasks it should perform, choose an executor, and draw up all the requirements.

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