How Challenges Can Impact Resilience And Growth Capacity

With a self-starter mindset and an approach to empowering society, Taran Sidhu holds an experience of decades in the industry and formed Cogneesol in 2008. The first-generation entrepreneur with roots grounded in a small town in India is currently the founder and CEO of Cogneesol and co-founder of ApniKheti.  Cogneesol, a business process management service provider, has a global footprint snapping over 25+ countries.

The journey of these 14 years offered numerous challenges that have positively impacted his resilience and capacity to learn and grow. As an empathetic and passionate voice of Leadership, his mission to empower every person in the organisation has been a motivation through the thick and thin. Trust, accountability, and staying curious are key to each of the milestones achieved. As business continues to change rapidly, he aims to support his teams to be agile, collaborate, communicate and have a growth mindset.

Let’s travel back to 13th April 2008, in ‘the initial days of struggle.’ He stepped into direct operations with a team of only four aspiring minds and smart-thinking adults. With his confidence in the business and its goals, the group offered quality services, primarily in legal and financial accounting as their initial operating verticals. 

Like any other new business, Cogneesol, too, had dealt with rough times, especially when the operations started functioning in 2008, the black year of recession. 

Always sure about the major step I had planned to take and had a clear vision for creating utmost value in society; a society for him was about the clients and employees. As the team was fighting against the deep recession, the revenue numbers dropped for a couple of months, and at that time, it was a significant matter of concern. 

The only way to fight back was to maintain the operational efficiencies and thrust on new customer acquisition pulled us through.

With time, more new, dedicated and self-motivated employees came along in the journey and enhanced Cogneesol’s overall performance. Taking the road to the first milestone, Cogneesol stepped into insurance and data management, offering support with multiple processes. Now that the operations have expanded to various operating verticals, the client base grew exponentially, leading to the first milestone of premium partners on board, to which we offered end-to-end back office services. 

The journey continued to the next milestone, the path to practice the commitment to society and the environment. In 2014, Taran Sidhu co-founded a new entity Apni Kheti under Cogneesol’s CSR initiative to uplift India’s rural and agricultural communities. The drive to return to the community has a high spirit that eventually helped me walk the talk. Apni Kheti is a digital platform that supports, educates, and provides various solutions to farmers and rural India through technology.

In 2019, the team cherished another celebration event when the team moved from a 15-seater office to a 10,000 sqft area, mapping the headcount of more than 700 employees. Honouring this transition, the Cogneesol family moved to a new workplace for the comfort and ease of the employees. A workplace is more like a home to all; a much-needed soulful, energetic, and lively workplace forms the foundation of productivity and growth.

The immediate next year, all the dedication and hard work of each individual paid off well when Cogneesol 2.0 was introduced. With the launch, each member strongly believed in the power of connection, and our values. Denoted by SPEED, our principle values collectively support a confident and mindful approach to time, prepared to adapt to changes and encourage a STARTUP MINDSET and close-knitted PARTNERSHIP value, which promotes and drives everyone to grow together. To express our gratitude towards the EXCELLENCE and ETHICS honed by every community individual makes the workplace reliable in commitment and stimulates DEPENDABILITY. 

Cogneesol connects with people in every aspect of life, including but not limited to philanthropic causes, effective participation, and even leading to people falling in love with nature and the roots we all belong to. The organisation fosters a healthy nature-friendly environment both inside and around the company. Nature in the form of plants across the premises signifies the actual growing curve of Cogneesol with roots grounded in its employees and their wellness. The ambience and vibe of the organisation give this softer depth and personality to the place.

With a revenue of $10 million, pushing people first is one of our core values as a company; as we speak of consistency, Cogneesol has reflected on rapid growth in member count. The organisation has grown by over 30 -35% every year. Regardless of the challenges from the pandemic outbreak, management and, most importantly, the employees continuously exhibited great work and had the organisation grow 10-12% even during the global pandemic crises. The zeal among the employees motivates Taran Sidhu to strive to go double this year. As a workplace catering to global services, Cogneesol are pioneers in growing organically, and the abundance of opportunities will take them to their limitless potential.

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