Apple Employees Push Back Against Order To Return To Office

Apple employees are pushing back against an order to return to the office, arguing they can do “exceptional work” remotely.

Apple CEO Tim Cook ordered company employees located near Apple’s California HQ to return to the office for three days per week from the beginning of September.

In a message to employees, Cook said: “Teams participating in the pilot will come to the office three days each week with Tuesday and Thursday as set days across the company, but now the third day you come in will be decided by your teams.”

Workers from the Apple Together collective are not happy with the order after adjusting to the flexibility and greater work/life balance that remote-based working offers. 

They have petitioned Apple managers, demanding that the world’s biggest company maintains its flexible working policy. They argue there are “many compelling reasons” for employees to work from home, including that doing so makes them “happier and more productive”.

A spokesperson for the employee association said that the petition would not include anyone’s names “in light of retail union busting and recent reports of allegations of retaliation from HR.”

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