6 Of The Most Common Reasons Why Employees Feel Stressed And How To Fix Them

Workplace stress is an issue that affects people differently and can vary depending on the environment in which they work. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why employees feel stressed, and how you might address them. 

1. Working Too Many Hours

Perhaps the most common reason why employees feel stressed is that they’re being consistently overworked. A report from the World Health Organisation(WHO) has stated that around 750,000 people are dying from heart disease and stroke caused by overworking.

This needs to be seriously addressed in every working environment. A simple fix is making sure that each employee isn’t working more hours than they can handle, and to realise that it is the responsibility of management to recognise when somebody is being overworked. 

2. Being Poorly Managed

In line with the previous point, being poorly managed by senior figures can be a key contributor to stress in the workplace.  A good leader will notice when an individual or even the whole team is feeling stressed and will come up with plans to help alleviate it. A simple one-to-one with each employee could go a long way in helping relieve some of that stress.

3. The Wrong Working Environment

The physical workplace has been a constant for over a century – and almost all offices have looked the same. However, with the recent pandemic and the shift to hybrid and remote working, the office environment can be a key factor in why employees feel stressed.

As more employees wish to work from home, it is imperative that as a business you have the right working environment to encourage the employees back to the office. As many people may feel anxious to return to the office, you must be aware that just a simple office will not be enough to entice people to return. 

You will need a more well-rounded space, such as a serviced office from BE Offices that will provide all of the requirements needed for your employees. 

4. Financial Security

As much as we like to talk about work environments and culture, many people are working to survive, and a lot of stress can be financial. Some employees may be feeling the cost of the living crisis and it is important that you consider these factors when recognising stress.

According to Forbes, around 60% of employees feel that it’s important that companies offer financial wellness benefits.

5. Lack Of Recognition

A key contributor to stress is people feeling like their work isn’t being properly recognised or rewarded. Work accounts for around a third of people’s week, so they want to feel like they’re contributing to something important, and not simply working for money. 

Make sure that each employee is recognised for their work and contribution. This doesn’t have to be a major ceremonial procedure – but a simple recognition that they’re bringing value to the company. 

6. Outside Forces

Stress can come from many places and a lot of people’s stress may be coming from outside the workplace. As an employer, it is your responsibility to understand these external factors when trying to help alleviate stress. 


And there you have it – some of the most common reasons why employees can feel stressed, and how you might be able to help. 

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