Summer Holiday Reading For CEOs

Brilliant Selling by Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassel, Pearson 

Brilliant Selling COVERExperts in the world of selling, presenting and influencing, Tom Bird and Jeremy Cassel combine decades of business training and leadership coaching experience, with this inspired blueprint for what makes a great salesperson successful. 

Unpicking the current challenges to salespeople and reflecting on the big implications for how buyers and sellers will do business in the future, including working in hybrid situations, this new edition shares everything you need to know, consider and be aware of to be fully effective at selling in 2022. 

Underpinned by 20 years of research into top-performing salespeople, and analysing their core principles, skills and behaviours, Brilliant Selling tackles important questions such as how to influence people more of the time, discovering what your customer really wants, how to build relationships easily and effortlessly, selling with authenticity, priorities in personal brand building, the ‘how to’ of social selling and how to be influential in today’s hybrid world.

Presenting practical ideas, best practice tips and exercises to improve your own or your team’s effectiveness and results, this bold overview is a sales bible for the next generation of influential sellers.   

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