Summer Holiday Reading For CEOs

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Born Digital: The Story of a Distracted Generation By Robert Wigley, Whitefox Publishing 

Born Digital COVERBorn Digital is a provocative and in-depth analysis of the growing problems faced by human interaction with technology. 

If you feel like you are constantly saying ‘No more screens!’ to your children or simply navigating your own obsessions with social media platforms or devices, this book puts together the latest research from scientists around the world on the impact tech is having on our brains and the risks it poses to society, from fake news to lack of empathy, increased suicide rates to threats to democracy.  

Written by professor Bob Wigley, chairman of UK Finance and former board member of the Bank of England during the 2008 financial crisis, Born Digital tackles important issues such as worsening mental health stats in the young generation and why responsible internet education needs to be on the National curriculum.  

A sage and critical analysis, this book will help leaders understand Generation Z norms more comprehensively, as well as current regulation, and the ways in which it is failing to protect our privacy, mental health, children and democracy.

A fascinating insight into the challenges the world faces over the next decade, and some essential wisdom on how governments, Big Tech, businesses, educators and parents can tackle the dangers of tech, and shape it as a force for social good. 

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