Summer Holiday Reading For CEOs

Braver Leaders in Action: Personal and Professional Development for Principled Leadership By Mike McLaughlin and Elaine Cox, Emerald Publishing  

Braver Leaders cover imageIn light of numerous recent scandals and stories of cultures of toxic leadership and corruption, authors Mike McLaughlin and Elaine Cox have brought together academic research and decades of management and leadership experience to offer a practical guide to help leaders transform the world around them for good. 

This new book, Braver Leaders in Action, urges leaders to slow down and reflect, in order to make a positive impact on the growing problems of the world.  Containing exercises and practical examples from experienced leaders, the book focuses on eight key areas in which we can recharge our personal batteries to deal with unprecedented change and challenges and become fearless leaders for positive change.

An optimistic approach to the future and a well-referenced self-help book focusing on personal and professional development is essential reading for any CEO who is concerned with the greater good, not only of their employees, businesses and industries but of the whole interconnected world. 

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