Summer Holiday Reading For CEOs

Vantage Points: How to Create a Culture Where Employees Thrive By Paula Leach, LID Publishing

Vantage Points book coverIn a new world of hybrid working and increasingly complex challenges for leaders, Paula Leach offers a practical toolkit for building strong and intentional leadership that will get the best out of our teams. 

With over 25 years of experience across global and multinational organisations, as well as at the Home Office, Paula Leach’s book Vantage Points focuses on positive, human-centred, intentional leadership as the key enabler for individuals and teams to thrive. 

The book introduces five key vantage points that leaders have at their disposal, which will broaden their awareness and help them to lead by example and unlock potential, dealing with important questions such as, how to be more human-centred with our interventions and also how to understand when to step back and create space for individuals and teams to deliver.

Packed full of stimulating ideas and insightful opinions and featuring first-hand case studies from her professional life, the author presents clear and accessible ways to facilitate new approaches to leadership, with a view to shift behaviour and facilitate transformation from the top down. 

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