The World’s Largest Bottle Of Whisky Sells For £1.1 Million

According to The Scotsman, the world’s largest bottle of whisky a 311-litre bottle of Macallan single-malt Scotch has sold for £1.1 million at a live auction overseen by Edinburgh-based auction house Lyon & Turnbull. 

The 5ft 11in tall bottle, called the Intrepid, holds Scotch from two sister casks that were aged for 32 years at Macallan’s Speyside distillery. Last September, the whisky was vatted and bottled by Duncan Taylor Scotch Whisky and was soon after recognised as the largest bottle of whisky in the world by the Guinness World Records. 

Speaking to The Spirits Business, managing director of Lyon & Turnbull Gavin Strang said, “The Intrepid Collection, led by the world’s largest bottle of Scotch whisky, has attracted so much global interest. It has been an incredibly exciting project to be involved in and we at Lyon & Turnbull are delighted the auction has been such a success.”

Meanwhile, The Intrepid Project founder Daniel Monk commented, “For me and the whole team, The Intrepid project has always been about more than money. This is a passion project to celebrate the life of my late father, Captain Stanley Monk, who was himself an explorer and achieved many amazing things during his life.”

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