The Essential Reading List For The ‘Whole CEO’

Beat Stress at Work: How to Balance Your Ambition with Your Anxiety by Mark Simmonds

Beat Stress At WorkBeat Stress at Work gives us an honest insight into the effects that stress and anxiety have upon mental health in the workplace. Speaking truthfully about his own nervous breakdown and attempted suicide, the author, Mark Simmonds, brings a first-hand perspective on how to recognise work-related stress and offers the reader valuable advice on how we can navigate and overcome crisis and use it to our advantage.

In light of the current international mental health crisis, an unfortunate by-product of the pandemic, this book provides a timely antidote. Simmonds presents us with preventative tips on how to recognise when stress is getting the better of us, and proven strategies on how to build our resilience ‘muscle’ and bounce back from mental health struggles effectively.

The author creates a new framework in which we can understand adverse stress and enables a positive and open dialogue, actively challenging the negative stigma surrounding burnout. He now works as a successful management trainer and mental health champion, working with an impressive list of world-leading corporations. 

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