Six Senses To Open World’s First Energy-Positive Hotel In Norway

In 2024, Six Senses will open the world’s first energy-positive hotel at the foot of the breathtaking Svartisen glacier in Norway. 

The luxurious Six Senses Svart takes inspiration from a coastal fisherman’s cabin, known as rorbu, with its 94 rooms impressively suspended above the Holandsforden fjord on poles that have been carefully designed to have a minimal impact on the natural environment. 

The luxury hotel will also be kitted out with the latest eco-friendly tech. It will harvest enough solar energy not only to cover its own power usage, but all other adjacent operations, including the net-zero boat that will ferry guests to and from the remote destination.  

The construction of the hotel will also be highly sustainable, carried out using solar energy. The Six Senses Svart will be completely off-grid, carbon-neutral, and self-sustaining with its own recycling system and waste and water management system. 

Commenting on Six Senses’ first Scandinavian project, the brand’s CEO Neil Jacobs said, “Sustainable properties call for extraordinary creativity, and Six Senses Svart takes us to a whole new level in terms of pushing boundaries. The concept has become bigger than the project itself, as it will provide a futuristic showcase for what can be achieved in terms of sustainability and energy solutions, and therefore a blueprint within our hospitality industry and the development sector in general.”

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