Jeep Showcases New Electric Wrangler SUV Concept

Jeep has unveiled its new Wrangler Magneto 2.0 vehicle concept, one year after the Stellantis brand revealed the first version of the all-electric SUV.

The Magneto 2.0 is based on Jeep’s traditional Wrangler Rubicon SUV, though offers a significant increase in performance, such as achieving 0-60 mph in just two seconds, in line with Tesla’s ultra-performance Plaid models. This is notably faster than the Wrangler Magneto 1.0, at 6.8 seconds.

To achieve this, Jeep said the Magneto 2.0 is capable of up to 850 foot-pounds of torque to the wheels and 625 horsepower. The Magneto 2.0 also has a new electric power calibration, supporting the 0-60mph time by allowing the vehicle to maintain peak power for up to 10 seconds. 

Jeep debuted its new electric SUV concept online on Friday ahead of its Easter Safari. The company often uses such events as a testing ground for the capabilities of its new vehicles and as an opportunity to gauge customer interest in potential new products. 

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