Why Businesses Need To Take Care Of Their Office Exterior

First impressions, it’s widely suggested, are built and formed when a client first encounters your business. For those with an office or a real estate portfolio the role and relevance of presentable grounds – everything from the landscape elements to the presence of weeds – affects the reputation you’re trying to build for your business.

Optimising the inside of your office, or building can benefit employees, visiting clients, and others interacting with your facilities. But a focus on the exterior care of your building, encompassing all your grounds, offers an opportunity to create a more desirable, respectable and in some cases updated image and reputation for your business and brand.

When a client encounters your grounds for the first time, or even after returning, issues with maintenance, care, and accessibility (including health and safety) have the power to change the perception of your business.

Here’s how you care for the exterior of your office, creating, in the process, a more attractive experience of your grounds for customers and clients.

Start With Grounds Maintenance

Commercial grounds care and maintenance makes all the difference between a corporate space that’s not personal and a frontage that’s at once professional and attractive. But, beyond the presentability of an office’s grounds and landscape, the benefit of a bespoke solution means that you create a more welcoming experience for staff and visitors, including valuable clients.

Ground maintenance is not limited to basic landscaping tasks either, but actually covers a variety of areas that, when added up, affects the overall care and perception of your frontage. For some, controlling and managing grounds is a matter of perception; for other businesses, it’s about enhancing accessibility and mitigating health and safety issues.

Create An Appealing Frontage

Modern office design is constantly evolving, changing with the various ways the workforce operates. But the full environment of an office – including the frontage and the external grounds – can feel like an afterthought in how you evolve and scale up your modern business setting. What really matters here, when a client is encountering your business, is how visually appealing your space is.

How is your office being experienced? The customer or client journey, when they’re visiting your site, doesn’t end at reception. Your grounds play a critical role in appealing to various building users, who will holistically judge how they experience your environment. It’s important to consider all touchpoints in this journey, from how easily they access your building, to the presentability of its frontage.

A Safe Space

Nowadays, it’s not enough to appear visually attractive, but your space must prioritise health and safety goals as well. An uncompromisingly safe space has the appropriate policies for the ways an office is experienced on the inside and out.

Accessibility to an office or premise, especially when it’s limited, presents a costly business challenge. This might be the result of severe weather, dangerous trees, or aggressive weed growth. Regardless of what’s troubling safe access to your building, you will need to consider the role that maintained grounds plays in reducing these risks in the future.

Safety is an issue that should extend to the exterior care of your building, rather feel limited to a policy that only really addresses what’s happening inside an office. A groomed, safe landscape and grounds are capable of making your building look more attractive, as much as it can be maintained for safer experiences.

A landscape is functional as much as it’s part of the overall design of your building. Safety issues, presentability and accessibility are all enhanced when your grounds are maintained to optimise the experience of your building, office, or premise.

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