The Importance of Having a Coach When Starting a Business

Tara Hakverdi is an entrepreneur from Zurich, Switzerland who’s passionate about helping aspiring entrepreneurs to kickstart their business and realise their full potential. We hear about the work she does and the value of having a coach when founding a company over the next pages.

What is the right mindset entrepreneurs need to have when starting their business?

There’s no one size fits all when it comes to entrepreneurial mindset, but from my experience there are a couple of learnings most successful entrepreneurs share: done is better than perfect; get comfortable to pivot; you cannot fail if you learn from your mistakes; and that it is vital to know your limiting beliefs.

Being a marketeer and perfectionist at heart, I certainly appreciate the feeling when you want to go out there with your offer, have everything looking neat and professional, with an amazing customer experience that adequately represents all that hard work you put into your business. However, sometimes done is better than perfect. Launching a minimum viable product to then continuously work with the feedback you receive and tweak your offer to create a meaningful product will get you a lot further.

When we talk about adjusting your offer, I don’t want to miss mentioning that it is absolutely normal and necessary to pivot! If you see that your offer is not received by customers as you’ve anticipated that’s OK, if you draw the right conclusions. People tend to associate quitting with failing, but that’s not the case; winners simply accept defeat, learn and quit at the right time to create an offer that better suits their target group.

Exposing yourself to a (not so perfect) early-stage offer can certainly raise discomfort levels, which is what I want you to get comfortable with. Starting your own business will make you the most vulnerable you have ever felt – trust me, I’ve gone through that when I decided to quit my job and leave the well-paid, secure and prestigious corporate world behind. Setbacks and vulnerability are inevitable components of every entrepreneur’s journey and this is why being clear on your WHY and your limiting beliefs will be key for you to bounce back and pull through.

Your coach is your trusted ally and will help you realise your full potential by supporting you with their knowledge and experience to overcome challenges and foster growth.

Last but not least, make sure to accept help along your journey! Don’t think that just because you founded your own business you must carry all that weight on your shoulders. No one’s zone of genius covers every part of starting a new business. Forming an entrepreneurial mindset, particularly around resilience and confidence, is a development area where the right coach or mentor can provide invaluable impact and be an immensely helpful partner on your journey to success.

In what ways can you help them with that?

At Mindcapital I offer intense 1:1 coaching sessions, workshops, as well as topic-based online courses and individual business services around branding.

My 1:1 mindset coaching is based on an eight-step model to achieve effective change. Having gone

through a profound transformation of my professional career myself, I strongly believe that sustainable change strictly follows inner clarity. Hence, my mindset coaching focuses on working from the inside-out, where we start by visualising your story and uncovering your limiting beliefs, work through identifying your core values to define your vision. Only then, do we create a hands-on execution plan for you to achieve your goals and prep you with tools and techniques to bounce back when things might not work out as planned.

My support doesn’t stop there. Since all of my clients are at different stages of their entrepreneurial journey, I decided to create a new offer  to meet them exactly where they are and where they need support. Clients will be able to book an hour to pick my brain on any topic around launching their new business – from creating ideas for a new brand/concept, naming their new offer, branding, strategy, content planning, or to just get some fresh ideas on how to approach a new challenge or handle a new situation – this is their 60 minutes!

Mindcapital also offers workshops and online-courses of different scope and depth, centred around topics such as business idea creation, branding, confidence, launch strategies, and other concepts that are relevant to my clients.

Why is it important to have a coach or a mentor when starting a new business?

Your mentor and coach is your trusted ally and will help you realise your full potential by supporting you with their knowledge and experience to overcome challenges and foster growth. They offer encouragement, see patterns, and provide guidelines because they have been there and most likely have gone through whatever you are facing right now.. and why should you go and make all those mistakes that millions of others already did – if you could just learn from their mistakes?

What are your top tips on confidence?

Do yourself a favour and stick to the commitments that you make with yourself, because every single time you tell yourself you are going to do something and then you don’t, you tell your subconscious mind that you don’t trust yourself. On the contrary, if you pull through no matter how hard it may be you are steadily increasing your confidence.

Another key point I want you to remember is the following: confidence is a skill you can practice, a state of mind, and a reflection of your attitude towards your personal strengths and weaknesses. Everybody can learn to be more confident with the right techniques. One of them would be to identify the tasks that you excel in and build on them; but to also be aware of your weaknesses and accept them simply for what they are: a couple of weaknesses among many strengths! Remember to focus on what you are good at because people will book you for your strangths, not for the things you cannot do!

Finally, we form our beliefs when we are a child, which is when our subconscious mind absorbs all outside information based on feelings and instincts, without knowing whether these are true. This means that what we learn to believe in our very early childhood, will be applied by our subconscious mind throughout our whole life, if we don’t work on them. Some of these beliefs, we usually call them limiting beliefs, will hold you back in your adult life. To grow more confidence, it is essential to dig deep on exposing those beliefs to change the ones that are no longer valid.

Tell us about the course you’re currently working on?

I’m currently working on a couple of initiatives, so it’s a very exciting time for Mindcapital! My immediate next launch will be Confidence to go a new online course for aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to truly understand their worth, and raise their confidence to show up as their highest self. This course focuses on exposing and changing beliefs that control your life, transforming self-sabotage into self-mastery, discovering your authentic self and embracing failure to create the life you have been dreaming about. The course will include short daily videos, a reflection workbook, a live call, guided meditations and breathwork techniques to support you. I will be sharing more updates on my Instagram account @mindcapital_tarahakverdi soon. So stay tuned!



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