7 Books By Remarkable Women

7. Healthy Leadership and Organisations by Anna Eliatamby

Healthy Leadership and OrganisationsBeing a healthy and successful leader of a thriving organisation means being able to tackle problems and overcome challenges. Many leadership and organisational interventions focus purely on building the positive without acknowledging the very real negatives which must be addressed. Anna Eliatamby argues that, while positive initiatives like leadership and well-being programmes are important, it is vital to take time to understand and deal with negative factors which can get in the way of success.

Healthy Leadership and Organisations sets out a clear strategy for both businesses and their leaders, allowing them to embrace the positives while also recognising, naming and addressing the negatives. The book is a must-have for anyone interested in being a healthier leader and ensuring the organisation they run grows and develops in a positive way to create a better world both today and in the future. It sets out two models for healthiness – one for the leaders themselves and the other for their organisations. 

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