7 Books By Remarkable Women

Reading Time: 5 minutes

6. Financial Feminism by Jessica Robinson (Unbound)

Financial FeminismFinancial Feminism explores what’s holding women back – from lack of confidence to the male-oriented nature of the financial industry and women’s perception that investing is ‘not for them’ – as well as how the finance industry needs to change the way it speaks to women to unlock $700 billion in extra revenue.

One part practical how-to guide, another part rallying call-to-action, the book debunks the myth that women aren’t good investors, explains what financial feminism means and how women can use this to push for change. 

Arming women with all the information they need to demystify the finance industry and get started investing sustainably, the book explores what sustainable investing is, why sustainable investing is smart investing and how to develop a sustainable investment strategy. The author Jessica Robinson is the founder of Moxie Future, the world’s first education, insights and community platform empowering women as sustainable investors and financial feminists. 

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