6 Ways To Motivate Remote Employees

1. Get to know each new employee

It always seemed that if you pay money, you should get results in the end. But answer yourself, how many times have you been dumped by freelancers, different business experts, or programmers? How many times have you had to close projects because of someone’s laziness, dopiness, or bad faith?

When you just find a specialist, pay upfront, and wait for the result, you are just another customer or employer. Once you understand this, start changing your hiring technique. At the interview, ask not only about his specialisation and skills but also about his personal life. Take an interest in his hobbies, hobbies, friends. You will make new friends, not just employees. And you don’t deal harshly with friends and are afraid to lose face in front of them.

2. Communicate with an employee every day

We took a man to the project, got to know him. But this is not enough. You need to talk to him every day, ask him about the project, and talk about general topics. Why? Often projects are disrupted or delayed because the employee either doesn’t have the information or there is some difficulty in implementation. Maybe he could use the help of another specialist. If you are aware of the difficulties that have arisen, then you are a good company leader.

3. Introduce new employees to reliable old ones

All programmers, designers, and marketers are chasing new knowledge and skills. If a person does not want to develop in his field of work, but he is not yet a master, he will never become one. Such people are not needed. Attract and retain new employees through introductions and mentoring among the old ones. Create teams. In a team, the employee has someone to lose face in front of, and someone to try and showcase his talents. And most importantly, he’ll be much more comfortable working in a cool team than just being one-on-one with a manager.

4. Take an interest in the results every day

Every job has something to show for it, even if the employee only spent two hours on the project. Demand results, not reports or explanations. Designer? Let them show a draft of the project or a selection of photos. The programmer? Should present one working feature per day at least. The marketer? Places to place ads or new keywords.

5. Always test employees

If an employee isn’t the right fit, consider letting them go. Don’t give any indulgences, because you won’t have the team you deserve. Out of ten new employees, at best two are left, and that’s okay.

6. Don’t be stingy with your paychecks

You shouldn’t waste money either. But if the person has the skills you need, pay the normal market price for them, rather than looking for cheaper options. They usually always cost more. Make it easy for them to get paid with the best payroll software so that your employees are happy and motivated to work with you.

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