1 In 5 Business Leaders To Re-Evaluate Mental Health Policies, Survey Finds

A new survey of 1,000 key decision-makers in business by YouGov found that 1 in 5 (21% of) business leaders are willing to re-evaluate their mental health policies to improve well-being in their organisation.

YouGov found that 68% of businesses admitted to not having mental health support for their staff prior to the pandemic, with this figure dropping slightly to 58% post-pandemic. The survey found that 12% of employees had left a job citing mental health as a key reason for resigning. 

In the UK, there are currently no legal requirements for allocated mental health first aiders. However, the pandemic has prompted some businesses to take positive steps toward better mental health in their organisation. Of the businesses that have amended their policies since the beginning of the pandemic, over 42% have now implemented online counselling for employees, while 34% have invested in mental health first aiders. 

In response to YouGov’s findings, digital education platform FutureLearn is offering support to businesses and HR professionals who want to improve mental health training in the workplace. This includes its COVID-19: Psychological First Aid course as well as encouraging employers to consider implementing additional policies.

Conrad Viviers, Mental Health Champion at FutureLearn says, “I’m proud to be a part of a team to help change the conversation we are having about mental health in the workplace. Being a mental health first aider has given me the skills and insight to not only give 1 to 1 support for those in need, but also to confidently bring mental health as a talking point to meetings where people are at the core of the discussion. Through supporting people in the workplace with mental health challenges we’re impacting the evolution and elevation of society. The ripple effects of these actions lead to a safer environment for employees and help FutureLearn fulfil its duty of care towards employees. In some form or another, most people need support. Even if it’s just to say “me too, it’s been tough.”

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