How Your Appearance Can Affect Your Career Opportunities

What is the first thing you notice about people? Is it their character? The answer is probably not. One of the first things we often see about another person is their appearance. What they are wearing and how they hold themselves. When meeting someone for the first time, first impressions often forms the foundation of our opinion on the person. It is especially true when applying for a job.

First impressions count when looking for a job. The better you present yourself, not just verbally, the higher your chances of getting hired. If you have an interview, it is the first time that your potential employer will see you. As such, you want to create a lasting, positive impression that will help you get the position. Here’s how your appearance can affect your career opportunities.

Wearing A Confident Smile

Having good teeth not only makes you more employable but can make you more eligible for promotion and higher pay as well. It could be the colour of your teeth, the straightness and also the overall quality that could all influence your chances of being hired.

It is believed that having a confident smile can put others at ease in your presence. When applying for a job, flashing a bright, perfect smile can give the impression that you are an approachable figure that could work well in the office. To customers or clients, showcasing a bright smile makes you seem more trustworthy compared to someone who chooses not to.

One of the ways to improve your smile is by whitening your teeth. Flashing pearly whites will show others that you take good care of yourself. It is also a more aesthetically pleasing sight to see compared to discoloured or yellow teeth. There is a range of at-home kits available that can help in improving the colour of your teeth. Another way is by having them professionally whitened. In doing so, you will be informed about maintaining the colour of your teeth for longer.

Aside from getting your teeth whitened professionally, you may want to improve the straightness of your teeth. Veneers are one option, another is getting braces. Today, you can choose to wear invisible braces, which are almost undetectable from a distance. Understanding how much braces work and what the results could be should make you want to invest.

The clear brace cost is not as steep as you may have initially thought. Many practices offer clear braces at a competitive price and ensure that you can achieve your desired outcome.

Wearing The Perfect Outfit

Regardless of gender, everyone should own a go-to interview outfit that fits them well and allows them to feel confident whilst wearing it. It could be a well-tailored suit, the perfect blouse, and shoes that you would assume have never been worn. Wearing an outfit that you know makes you look and feel the role you are applying for, helps to boost your confidence when you go for an interview. If you dress meticulously for an interview, your potential employers will view you as being someone who cares. You will look professional and well-suited for the role that you are applying for.

Having A Great Posture

What you wear and how you look will influence a person’s perception of you. How you stand will also play a role. Adjusting your posture will not only transform the way your clothes drape on you, but it will also affect the emotional response of people around you. Subtle shifts in posture can alter your perceived emotion. For instance, if your shoulders slump and your back is hunched, you could give the impression that you are not confident or are upset, despite not having said a word.

Having a good posture will allow you to look taller, healthier and more confident. All of which are more reasons to stand up straight, especially when going for an interview or working with a new customer. Although a good posture does not come naturally for many of us, it is important to take control. Deliberately align yourself in the mirror. Ensure that your head is over your shoulders, lining up your ears, shoulders and hips. Pull your belly in and keep your lower back slightly curved. The more you do this, you can move towards a more effortless posture, simply by doing regular core-strengthening exercises.

The Bottom Line

By presenting your best self, whether it is for a job interview or for a meeting with a client, you can create the impression of being a confident and professional individual. With this perception, you are likely to be at the receiving end of opportunities to advance in your career. Many of these techniques are small changes that you can do. However, combining all of them can have a significant impact.  

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