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Kwasi Owusu-Asomaning PCC is an Executive Coach and the Founder of OAK Agility and Co-Founder of Minds Connected. He’s also a Listener, Trainer, Facilitator and an Entrepreneur.

Kwasi brings vast experience in Organisations and Relationship Systems Coaching and Solution-Focused Coaching. He’s certified with the International Coach Federation (ICF) at a Professional Coach (PCC) level and is an Enterprise Agile Coach with over 11 years of partnering with large and small organisations through conscious and intentional transformative changes. He’s been working with C-Level executives, leaders and teams to leverage the power of co-creation and showing up authentically to build human-centred organisations. He’s also the co-host of the ‘Transformation from the Trenches’ podcast.

Kwasi is an active volunteer for the Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches review team, growing the world of enterprise coaches. He runs several meetups which gives back to various communities to help grow people across Africa, Europe and the rest of the world.

Tell us a little bit more about OAK Agility and the mission of the company?

At OAK Agility, we specialise in coaching services that build and awaken inner-conscious & compassionate leadership. Our mission is to help executives and leaders create human-centric organisations. We focus on partnering with them to build intentional and sustainable change. We do this through co-creation, care, heart, partnership & mind-FULLNESS.

Why should more leaders and C-level executives consider coaching?

Finding clarity in the midst of the storm of running an organisation is physically, mentally and emotionally exhaustive. Most executives take care of their physical and mental wellbeing but ignore the third, crucial piece of what makes us whole and to lead from a place of heart, mind and body. From our perspective at OAK Agility, through partnership in executing coaching, C-Level executives and leaders benefit from the following:

  • Discover who you are as a leader

Most leaders don’t know who they are as a leader. What their leadership identity is and how to lead their organisation based on what that organisation needs at that moment. This inner-consciousness and awakening of who you are, enables you to serve and lead in a way that leverages your values, your qualities and most importantly, what gets you off-centre so that you can complement this with a strong team around you. This self-awareness requires deep inner work and not all coaching organisations can take executives to their edges to discover this new awareness. You can bet you have a partner at OAK Agility who can partner with your edge which is where you find the most impactful insights.

  • Self-balance & self-regulation

What is balance for you? What are your triggers when you are off-centre? Do you find you’re being short with people? Angry? And do you carry this with you home? Now, how do you self-regulate when you notice you are off-centre and you are being snappy and short with your employees or your family because you’ve carried the frustration home? This is the type of mind, body and heart work we do with C-Level executives and leaders to help them show up whole, authentic and to be able to self-balance and self-regulate.

  • Laser-focus clarity (personal goals, strategic goals, tactical goals)

Executive coaching helps C-Level executives and leaders see the woods from the trees but also, see the entire forest and where they are in that forest and where they want to go. Personal goals become clearer, which results in better execution of tactical and strategic goals.

  • Compassion as your secret sauce

There’s a new kind of leadership needed in our Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous (VUCA) world and that leadership transcends beyond just delivery, efficiency and numbers. Having self-awareness as a leader is no longer enough. This is where compassion comes in and leaders who do the inner work through our executive coaching, move up to the percentile of CEOs, C-Level executives and leaders who truly make a difference in their organisations. We resonate deeply with this quote by Scott Shute: “Compassion is the capacity of having awareness of others, a mindset of wishing the best for them, and the courage to take action”.

  • Improve connections & relationships

Solving the most enigmatic puzzle ever, in the form of people, is the key to success. Most successful CEOs today always speak about ‘surrounding yourself with the right people’ as one of the major contributing factors to success. Now, what do they know that you don’t on this topic? How do they find these ‘right people’? Being able to connect and build authentic relationships and increasing your curiosity appetite helps here. Partnership with OAK Agility executive coaches will explore this with you to help you gain more insights on your attractors and detractors. This is a combination of inner-work and outer-work.

  • Build a true community

This flows from the point above. Building strong connections and relationships enables you to build a very strong authentic community, culture, environment, company identity – call it what you may. This community, in turn, treats the organisation like you would. Like you are sat right there with them whilst they go about their day to day. Because they feel that they BELONG. Executive coaching can partner with you to bring this to fruition if this is something you want.

Finding clarity in the midst of the storm of running an organisation is physically, mentally and emotionally exhaustive.

What do you find are the most common issues leaders and C-level executives struggle with?

Most C-Level executives and leaders are delivering for their customers, their board, their investors, their employees. In that list, most often, there’s a neglected self in there somewhere. The list below includes some of the things we see some C-Level executives and leaders struggle with:

  • Over-stretched and not enough time to pause and reflect
  • Inability to build authentic connections and relationships
  • Fear & stigma of bringing your true compassionate & vulnerable self to work
  • Inability to get the most out of their people
  • Inability to build psychologically safe, productive, human-centred organisations
  • Inability to build a strong & sustainable human-centred culture
  • Lack of leadership Identity

How can Oak Agility help them overcome these?

At OAK Agility, we have a collection of highly experienced C-Level executive, Leadership and Team coaches with extensive skills in Organisation, Relationship Systems Coaching, Erickson Solution-Focused coaching, Co-Active coaching (CTI), Meditation & Mindfulness teachers and Enterprise Agility Coaching.

We partner with executives to consciously & intentionally create truly transformative changes that they wish to see.

Our coaches have spent hundreds of hours working with CEOs and executives across several industries in Fortune 250 & 500 organisations as well as startups. We work across sectors ranging from Energy, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telecoms, Security, Management Consultancy, Retail and more.

With our very own HOOK’d™ Method, we are able to help bring the best out of executives to do the inner-work with bravery and nail the outer-work with an air of simplicity and grace. We help executives transcend beyond the current understanding of leadership.

We show up in partnership to help you achieve your goals and missions and we do this through our values of being ethical, mindful, conscious, intentional, humanistic, truly listening, humble and fun.

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