Top 5 Destinations For Luxury Workcations

With the Covid-19 pandemic preventing people from working in the office, many have opted to work from home. And while working in the comforts of your home has its perks, you could eventually find yourself craving a change of scenery. When it comes to this, a workcation is all you need.

If you have been experiencing a dreaded burnout after months of working from home, then you might want to move your home office to some of the world’s most luxurious destinations. Exclusive hotels and resorts across the globe have been embracing the workcation trend and offer packages to suit the needs of modern entrepreneurs and working professionals. Below, we round up the best destinations for luxury workcations.

1. Japan

Home to some of the world’s top luxury hotels, Japan makes an excellent choice for a luxury workcation. A workcation in Japan means a chance to experience vibrant culture and scenery, delicious eats, and scenic parks. Moreover, the country is known for its modern infrastructures, efficient transportation, and reliable connectivity, allowing you to work remotely without interruptions.

When going to Japan for your workcation, consider staying at luxury vacation rentals. These are fully furnished luxury homes equipped with a kitchen, living room, bedrooms, and bathroom. The properties also come with a quiet workspace where you can carry out your work in comfort. Some of these properties have a pool with a barbecue and a home theatre screen, so you can relax in between work. You can spend the weekdays working and dedicate the weekend to explore the country’s scenic attractions.  

What’s great about staying at luxury vacation rentals in Japan is that you can take advantage of huge discounts for long-term stays. Since they come equipped with a kitchen and other modern amenities, you will feel right at home even when you’re in a beautiful exotic country.

2. Mauritius 

There are many reasons why you should choose Mauritius for your workcation. Aside from the gorgeous beaches, this beautiful island paradise has a marvellous blend of cultures, varied cuisines, and welcoming people. The best part is, the Mauritian government has recently offered long-stay visa schemes for foreign nationals who wish to stay a little bit longer on the island. And to further encourage working professionals to visit, luxury resorts for luxury Mauritius working holidays, like Belle Mare Resort have started offering brilliant long-stay workcation packages, creating an ultimate haven to work, live and play in Mauritius.

Located on the south coast of Mauritius, Belle Mare Resort aims to provide a “home from home” environment for professionals looking for a luxury workcation. This grounds overlook the stunning views of the Indian Ocean, where guests have everything they need to enjoy a workcation balance. The rooms are fitted with a desk and equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi. In between work, you can spend your time playing golf, swimming at the pool, or simply enjoying the views as you indulge in alfresco dining and barbecues.

3. The Galapagos

For those looking to escape to more beautiful and inspiring islands while being close to wildlife, head to The Galapagos Islands. The main populated islands in the Galapagos are Santa Cruz Island, San Cristobal Island, and Isabela Island. They have a reliable Internet connection, so they are the perfect places to establish a home office base during your workcation in the Galapagos. The islands are also home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the Galapagos that offer relaxation and comfort.

In Santa Cruz, you will find the Pikaia Lodge, a luxurious and sustainable ecolodge perfect for those who like nature and adventure. Located close to the beach with easy access to the main sites for wildlife watching, the Pikaia Lodge offers comfortable and modern style suites that open to the gorgeous views of the sea. 

Another luxury lodge for a workcation in Galapagos Island is the Villa Escalesia, one of the few exclusive rentals in Santa Cruz. Overlooking Pelican Bay, this beautiful beachfront villa is perfect for long-term stays. It’s a great alternative to a hotel room if you’re looking for a more home-like environment while in the Galapagos.

4. Ibiza 

Ibiza offers a stunning whitewashed island landscape home to beautiful villages, gorgeous beaches, and a unique charm that can make anyone fall under its spell. Spend the weekdays working in your beautiful rented Ibiza villa and melt all the work stresses away at one of the island’s many luxury spas. Hit the beach during the weekend and treat yourself to a sumptuous dinner at one of the island’s fabulous seafront restaurants.

Ibiza is also famous for its nightlife and easily walkable villages. Form a bond with the local people and explore the beauty of the natural landscape in between work. The best part about going to Ibiza for a workcation is you have plenty of accommodation options. Whether you’re staying for a few weeks, months, or more than a year, there are villas to suit your workcation needs.

5. St. Lucia

St. Lucia is one of the many Caribbean Islands that have recently offered holiday packages geared towards long-term visitors. The island’s Live It Programme offer visitors a chance to live like a local and feel like a member of the local family. Under the programme, visitors can apply for a visa that would allow them to stay on the island for up to six weeks. For those seeking the option to make multiple visits, the second phase of the programme allows applicants to extend their stay for up to a year with a multiple entry visa.

When it comes to accommodation options, St. Lucia has it all. If you want to stay in a luxury resort surrounded by greenery and an abundance of nature, check out the Ladera Resort, the only resort located on a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With its colourful jungle setting, not to mention the unobstructed views of exotic sunsets, you’ll end up working as productive as possible.

Viceroy’s Sugar Beach, a favourite among Hollywood celebrities, have luxury villas built in small clusters, each with a plunge pool and located only a few miles from the secluded beaches of Sugar Beach. In between work, you can relax at the stilted treehouse spa or indulge in a relaxing body treatment at Sulphur Springs, famous for its waterfall cleanse and volcanic mud treatment.

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