Jeff Bezos’ £420 Million Superyacht Is Set To Be The Largest In The World

Sight of Jeff Bezos’ £420 million ($500 million) superyacht has been caught for the first time as building work continues on the vessel that will soon be the world’s largest sailing boat.

The superyacht, known as the Y721, spans 417ft. It was rolled out in the Zwijndrecht shipyard in the west of the Netherlands earlier this week, since generating much excitement. The Y721 is set to be the largest sailing yacht in the world when it is finally complete in 2022, overtaking the current largest ocean passenger ship, Sea Cloud. The Y721 will feature three large masts and three decks.

The Amazon founder’s new vessel is based on Oceanco’s Black Pearl ship, one of the largest and most ecological yachts in existence. It features three 70 metre-tall carbon masts and was first built in 2018. Oceano is building the Y721, though has not confirmed that the new yacht was commissioned by Bezos, stating that it “values the privacy and confidentiality” of its clients and prospective clients. 

Bezos has apparently also purchased a shadow yacht, used to transport cars and helicopters at sea, which will be a custom version of the YS512 model from Damen Yachts. 

Last week, Bezos lost his status of world’s richest man to billionaire rival and Tesla founder Elon Musk. The pair have long been battling it out for the top spot on the Billionaires Index and frequently swap places as one suddenly eclipses the wealth of the other. 

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