Customers Of 2022: Books To Read Today, To Understand Customers Of Tomorrow

Hacking Digital: Best Practices to Implement and Accelerate Your Business Transformation by Michael Wade, Didier Bonnet, Tomoko Yokoi & Nikolaus Obwegeser

Hacking Digital

While other books in this list have offered insights into behavioural trends driven by the rapid adoption of technology, Hacking Digital is the practical guide that will help make sure your business can measure up to those changing customer expectations.

The phrase “Digital Transformation” has become something of a corporate mantra in boardrooms around the world, but a surprisingly high number of organisations still struggle with exactly how to respond to make digital projects successful for both their business and their customers. In this new book, a team of world-leading digital transformation experts draw upon insights from more than 1,500 business leaders to uncover the 30 most common challenges and provide a compendium of insights and best practices to follow.

Books on emerging technologies can be daunting for less technically minded CEOs, but Hacking Digital provides a go-to guide to help leaders cut through the jargon to really understand the how of digital transformation projects and the role they should play.

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