Back To The Office? 10 Books To Help CEOs Thrive In The New World Of Work

4. Management & Leadership in the Fourth Industrial Revolution by Stephen Wyatt (Kogan Page)

As the fourth industrial revolution continues to develop at a remarkable pace, this insightful new book from Prof. Stephen Wyatt argues that the strategies and management practices that have evolved in stable Western economies are becoming obsolete. Instead, he draws upon his pioneering research with Singapore Management University to bring insights and practices from the East, where corporations have been facing more volatile and uncertain markets for twenty years.

The challenges uncertainty brings have been amplified by the pandemic, accelerating change across industries, so Wyatt sets out a new toolkit for leaders to enable them to continually adapt, pivot, reinvent and reimagine, as they venture into an uncertain future. He also introduces the idea of a ‘Dynamic Capacity’ score, and a questionnaire, which could become the go-to method for CEOs to predict future performance.

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