Why Personalised Awards Are Great For Morale

It's no secret that recognition drives productivity.

One study found that 67% of employees would work harder if they felt that their efforts are better appreciated. People want their work to have meaning and they want to know that their effort has been seen and appreciated. 

While there are many different ways to show your employees that they are valuable members of your team, personalised items like custom crystal awards or trophies can make a big impression on your employees. 

Think about it this way: we all want to feel valued and rewarded. A personalised award, like crystal awards for business leaders, will not only show your employees that their work is recognised, but can also make them feel like winners. Here are other reasons why personalised awards are great for morale. 

It Gives The Award More Meaning

Imagine this: you’ve been named employee of the year and as a sign of recognition for your hard work, you are handed an award. You receive a generic trophy that looks like it could have been purchased from any gift store. 

Now, imagine that your trophy is engraved with your name, your title, and the award you’ve been given. Which one would make you feel more valued and appreciated? A personalised award is more meaningful and helps employees feel that they are truly appreciated as individuals in your company. 

It Improves Loyalty

When you give personalised awards, you are showing your employees that you recognise the value they bring to the company. This type of recognition can make employees more loyal to your organisation. It shows them that you are sharing the same values and vision and that you believe in them and want them by your side for the long run. 

It Encourages Your Employees To Go The Extra Mile

As mentioned above, recognition plays an important role in employees’ productivity and morale. Personalised trophies will make your employees feel that their individual work and effort are appreciated and will motivate them to continue to work harder. It can also motivate other employees to put extra effort into their work so that they receive that type of recognition too. 

It Can Create A Spirit  Of Competition

Awards are usually offered to the top employees, those whose hard work and skills have helped the company advance. Most companies also offer awards to employees who have been by their side for a long time to celebrate their commitment and loyalty.

If you offer personalised awards on a regular basis, you will encourage other employees to work harder and be more productive as they know that their work has meaning. As a result, they will be more determined, more proactive, and more innovative, hoping that their work will be recognised and they will receive an award too. 

Are Personalised Awards Expensive?

A lot of companies opt for generic trophies thinking that a personalised award is too expensive. While the cost is definitely higher, companies like EDCO Awards are trying hard to make custom personalisation services more accessible for all businesses. Trophy companies have begun offering free engraving and shipping corporate orders and some will even beat competitor quotes by ten percent to earn your trust.   

Not all trophies are created equal, and it is important to review the company you chose to create the awards for your workforce. Leading companies have a wide selection of awards and corporate crystal trophies that are aesthetically pleasing and of good quality. If you are looking for an elegant way of expressing your appreciation and gratitude, look at EDCO Trophies selection of awards. The EDCO team has been in the business a long time and creates awards for every occasion. 

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