Five Sales Strategies Every Payroll Business Owner Should Know

Attracting people to buy your products is the most challenging step in any business. However, if your target audience and strategies are goal-oriented, you can achieve it.

For this purpose, many businesses spend thousands on marketing and sales strategists to devise a perfect plan.

Similarly, in the payroll business, payroll software vendors need to upgrade to understand the current market and customers.

Here are five sales strategies every payroll business owner should know. 

1. Be Clear and Specific

When you’re not sure enough about your product, how can you expect the customers to buy from you? Most newbie payroll software vendors make this mistake. 

To combat this problem, you need to be spontaneous and recommend the best payroll software for the business.

How can you do that?

  • Be specific and clear
  • Understand the customers’ payroll needs
  • Recommend the features that align with their needs
  • Mention the pricing plans: customisable or fixed
  • Clarify their doubts regarding payroll
  • Get feedback and constantly strive to improve

Before all these steps, define your target audience. For example, some payroll software simplifies the complex processes for small businesses and startups while some target the larger businesses.

Knowing your audience helps you to sell the right payroll software.

When you’re not sure enough about your product, how can you expect the customers to buy from you?

2. Utilise Content and Social Media Marketing

Outside of more conventional marketing methods, today’s customers are looking for readily available information. 

Content and social media marketing is the answer. When you understand your audience, you can educate, inform and decide on buying the payroll software.

The best part of this strategy is that the results are instant. You’ll be reaching a large population within seconds. 

Here are a few best practices to use social media:

  1. Create the content on those social media channels where your ideal customers hang out.
  2. Don’t make everything promotional.
  3. Educate, Entertain and then Sell.

3. The 100 Calls Method

As a new payroll software vendor, you might feel overwhelmed with selling and dealing with customers. 

To beat that out and reach more people, make a hundred sales calls as fast as you can. It will make you fearless and understand the customers’ mindset.

Outside of more conventional marketing methods, today’s customers are looking for readily available information.

Some best practices to follow during the sales call are:

  1. Note down the questions asked by customers.
  2. Write answers to these questions.
  3. Start with a clear introduction.
  4. Touch the major pain point of the customers.

4. No Negotiation; Instead, Try Persuasion

Forget negotiation and use persuasion instead. What is the difference between both? 

Negotiation is a compelling behaviour to make the customers buy your product at any cost. On the other hand, persuasion understands the customers’ behaviour and channels a personalised approach to make them buy. 

Persuasion works best because you’re solving the buyers’ problems through your payroll software instead of simply showcasing its benefits. 

When positioning the customers at the centre-point, you can surely seal the deal. 

Here are some of the best ways to persuade:

  1. Brainstorm possible questions the prospects would ask. 
  2. Leave the decision making to the customers instead of forcing them,
  3. Show testimonials and other customers’ feedback.
  4. Build a personal connection with them.

5. Provide a Unique User Experience

People won’t forget how you made them feel. It is one of the best marketing techniques to improve sales.

An accounting software named Freshbooks sent a cake to one of their customers for buying their product. It made the customer feel happy and recognised. 

Not to say you have to send cakes to every customer, but don’t forget to add the personal touch for your brand. If you’re a payroll business owner or marketing head, devise a unique way to celebrate your customers. A small token of gratitude will make them your loyal customers. 

Eventually, this acts as “word of mouth” marketing to sell more of your payroll software. 

The Bottom Line

We hope these strategies will help you in scaling up your business. Kindly let us know what strategies you implement to boost your product sales in the comments.

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