6 Business Books Written by Inspirational Women

In recognition of International Women's Day, we take a look at some of the most insightful books written by the female business leaders who inspire us.

2. She Said by Patricia Seabright (Panoma Press)

She Said cover

Many female leaders will have experienced situations where they have felt unheard at work, been talked over by men, or even had male colleagues claim credit for their ideas. The ability to speak up and your voice heard is, of course, critical to career success, so this new guide examines the subconscious pressures and setbacks faced by women in business, and gives practical steps to help female leaders leverage their power.

Patricia Seabright is a renowned public speaking coaching who has worked with a wide range of senior leaders in business and politics. She clearly has a passionate belief that a gender-balanced world will be a better world, so is now focused on helping millennial women to tackle the issues and barriers that prevent them from realising their full potential as future leaders.


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