Biggest Workplace Productivity Killers (You’re Not Even Aware Of)

No matter how much energy you devote to being productive at work, you probably find that you're not quite as efficient as you plan.

This is a common problem that affects most people. Often, productivity is killed by little things that we don’t suspect to be distractions. This overview shines a light on those bad habits, so you can refine your work process to be more efficient.

Responding to Messages

In the modern digital age, our computers and phones are constantly pinging with notifications that tell us as soon as a new email, voicemail, or instant message has been received. As a result, we feel compelled to respond to those messages immediately even though most messages are not important.

You should set aside a block of time for replying to messages at the end of each day and, unless there really is an emergency, avoid spending time on messages at any other part of the day.

Eliminating Breaks

Attempting to work straight through the day without taking short breaks will zap your energy and cause you to work slower. As a result, you’ll get less done throughout the day. You’ll also feel depression, anxiety, and stress to greater degrees, which leads to more errors in addition to less productivity.

It’s better for your emotional health and your professional career to take those breaks and use them to relax and recharge. Even a short five minute walk around the block can be enough to help you feel renewed.

Driving to Work

You can add more time to your workday and help the environment when you take the bus instead of driving to work. During the ride, you can check messages, get started on work that can be done remotely, or go over your notes for meetings you have planned for later that day.

In the case of a bus accident, it’s also necessary to get the contact information of other passengers. Be sure to get this information and take pictures with your phone to ensure you can file a claim with the bus company’s insurer. Getting proper compensation will help you recover and return to work faster.

Resisting the Use of Automated Services

Everything from paying bills to publishing social media posts can be automated in the current technological age. While you may not think this makes a big difference, consider how long it takes you just to pay your rent. That’s several minutes up to an hour that you could spend doing something more productive.

Automating bill payments also reduces the stress and worry you have about making these payments on time. Once they have been automated, you can put these chores out of your mind.

Underestimating Your Time

It’s common to underestimate how long a specific task will take. When a task takes longer than you expect, you can end up throwing off your entire schedule, and you won’t be as productive as you expected. As a result, you can end up with necessary tasks that didn’t get done within your normal work hours, forcing you to work longer each day.

It’s better to overestimate how long something will take you to ensure you’re accounting for errors and delays. If it goes well, you may end up with extra time to get a jump on your other tasks.

Boosting your productivity is essential to growth in any career field, so following these tips can help you create a better professional image for yourself. You’ll get more done each day without compromising the quality of your work. This can help you improve the impression your bosses and coworkers have of you, which will lead to greater opportunities for advancement.

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