The CEO’s Reading List for World Mental Health Day

Each year, 10 October is marked as World Mental Health Day, but the unprecedented challenges of 2020 have made the issue more important than ever.

3. The Long Win by Cath Bishop (Practical Inspiration)

The Long Win front cover

As leaders, are we too obsessed with winning? The need to be ‘the best’ is drilled into us all from the playground to the boardroom, so why do so many people reach the top of their game only to be left feeling empty, unfulfilled and burnt out?

In this powerful new book, Olympic medallist Cath Bishop argues that having such a laser-like focus on results could actually be counterproductive. Drawing on examples from sport, business and politics, she creates a compelling case for dumping the toxic ‘winning mindset’, rethinking what success really means, and outlines steps we could all take to achieve a happier, healthier balance.

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