The CEO’s Reading List for World Mental Health Day

Each year, 10 October is marked as World Mental Health Day, but the unprecedented challenges of 2020 have made the issue more important than ever.

We have put together our recommended reading list for World Mental Health Day to help business leaders not only manage their own mental health, but also create healthy working cultures for their organisations.

1. Softening The Edge by Mimi Nicklin (The Dreamwork Collective)

Softening the Edge front cover

This eye-opening new book explores the importance of what it describes as “the world’s oldest leadership trait” – empathy – and more importantly, how the ’empathy deficit’ in leadership has become a major cause of division, unkindness and burnout around the world.

Written by millennial leader Mimi Nicklin, Softening The Edge is part business tool, part corporate culture guide and part social eye-opener. By taking inspiration from the likes of Barack Obama, Jacinda Ardern and Oprah Winfrey, it will certainly make CEOs stop to consider if harnessing and exercising more empathy could help to create happier, more productive working environments.

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