How to Sell Your Private Jet Online

Make the most money off your used business aircraft.

Private air travel is not a luxury for business executives; it is a necessity. Travelling via a business jet saves your company time, and by extension, money. Private air travel also affords company leaders the privacy that is necessary to conduct confidential business during periods of travel. Commercial airlines can’t come close to fulfilling that need.

When it’s time to upgrade one or more of the private jets in your company’s fleet, your accounting department will greatly appreciate it if your operations team could facilitate a sale that garners the largest return on investment possible. Selling your jet through an online listing allows buyers all over the world to consider your aircraft for purchase, which increases the likelihood of a swift sale.

Although you cannot expect to get back the original price you paid for your aircraft, it is possible to recoup millions of dollars to put toward upgrading or maintaining your remaining fleet, depending on the make and model of the jet you intend to sell.

The following are best practices for selling your jet online.

Work with an experienced dealer or broker

An experienced dealer or broker lists aircraft for sale and helps to locate serious buyers. Their private aviation industry expertise makes them the best choice for helping you to sell your aircraft; they have contacts around the world who can direct potential buyers to your online listing.

Some of the most reputable dealers are members of the International Aircraft Dealers Association, an organisation that requires dealers to take an oath of ethics to join. IADA members also have access to exclusive aircraft listing sites, which can get your private jet in front of more buyers’ eyes. Of course, for simplicity’s sake, you may also choose to list with the dealer or broker with whom you worked when you purchased the plane.

Include relevant maintenance and condition details in your online listing

Pre-owned jet buyers are seeking aircraft with meticulously kept maintenance logs and thorough reports on age, condition, and features. Your operations or fleet manager should be responsible for collecting this information throughout the duration of your company’s ownership of the plane. Without these intensive records, buyers intent to find aircraft for sale may pass over yours in favour of one with more available information. These records provide peace-of-mind while making such an important purchase.

Catch their attention

You may ask your dealer to provide an engaging description of the aircraft within your jet’s online listing. Professionally written marketing copy will draw in the buyer, especially if it creatively expresses just how impressive your jet can be. Consider describing its premium interior, comfort, and conduciveness to productivity while aboard. Help the potential buyer picture themselves on a business trip inside the aircraft’s luxe cabin, full of important amenities.

Think about it! If a luxury car brand only described their cars by their technical features, they may be less likely to catch your attention. But when they illustrate the benefits of the vehicle, such as its ergonomic, supple leather seats, authentic wood burl dashboard, and a console fitted with multiple charging ports and other convenient tech features, you, the user, can picture yourself inside — and you love the idea of it! Knowing about engine performance and capabilities is an added bonus, too.

Be patient

Although private aviation is a multi-billion-dollar industry, selling a pre-owned jet can take some time. If your company has provided thorough records on the aircraft you’re selling, and you’re working with a knowledgeable industry professional to sell the plane, you’re more likely to find a buyer within a reasonable time frame.

As you know, an aircraft, even a pre-owned one, is a major purchase that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Potential buyers looking at your private jet for sale may need time to present multiple options to their executive leadership and financial teams, so they can feel they made an informed decision, influenced by the needs of their business.

Once you finalise the sale of your business jet, you can sign the purchase agreement for a newer, more feature-rich aircraft to improve your company’s fleet and continue to reap the immense benefits of private business travel. Congratulations!

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