4 Best Ways to Publicise Your Business Awards

Business awards can be a great way to show your potential customers and business partners that you are the best at what you do.

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However, it can be tricky to, first of all: choose which awards to enter, and secondly: tell people about your achievement without it seeming forced!

Choose the Right Awards

The first and most important thing is to choose the right award. There are hundreds of different business awards out there, and you can’t enter them all. Select an award that you think you have a chance of winning. This will likely be an award that resonates with the story of your brand. You should also ensure that the award that you choose is the right one to promote values that are in line with your business strategy.

Once you have chosen the award you would like to enter, make sure that you read the entry requirements properly and that you allow enough time to fill in a compelling application. If you don’t do this, then you are not making the most of your entry, and you are unlikely to win.

Create a Community

The best way to be granted an award is to have a community of followers who will not only vote for you but who believe in what you are doing so much that they will naturally want to canvass for you to win as well.

Utilise social media platforms to create a following who are interested in your business and who are invested in your story by creating engaging and useful content. Once you have this loyal following, you won’t have to do much to win awards.

Awards are also a great way to strengthen bonds within a community. ZampleBox presented an award for vape juice brands, where they encouraged their community of members to vote for their favourites out of each monthly subscription box. This encourages a coming together of like-minded people and also helps to build the service that ZampleBox is providing because it now comes complete not only with products but recommendations too.

Internal Comms

If you are nominating yourself, or especially if you have won an award, be sure to share it with the rest of your business and not just those who are involved with the application process. If you have been nominated, loyal team members will canvass for you and help to get the word out about your campaign. If you have won, then sharing this with the rest of your business will boost morale and ensure everyone feels as though they are part of the team.

Weave It into Your Content

Once you have been nominated for an award, and again especially if you have won, be sure to weave it into the content on your website, in emails to customers, and in press releases. Write about what it means to you to be nominated and to have won, share it with your social media following in particular. If the award you are entering has a logo for nominees and winners, be sure to include this in your letterhead and email signatures. Make the most of it that you can.

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