Should You Outsource Video Surveillance for Your Business?

The need for surveillance in the business setting cannot be overstated – whether it’s meant as a measure to ensure that your business is secure from within or outside, or if it’s meant to ensure that your employees conduct themselves in a manner that is expected of them.

Outsourcing has become a common option in the business setting. The most prominent driving force behind its appeal is that outsourcing tends to save companies a lot of money, whether it’s in production, recruitment, or even in security. In fact, in the IT industry, the software-as-a-service business model has helped companies significantly cut costs. The same applies to outsourcing your surveillance detail. It can potentially save you a lot of money, but it’s not for every business.

So, when should you outsource your video surveillance?

When Your Business Requires Utmost Security

Not all businesses require the same level of security. While most businesses are going to be sufficiently protected with a typical security detail, businesses that have branches that contain sensitive data need to create redundancies for their surveillance by outsourcing their surveillance. This makes it so that the main operations of their surveillance team is not within the premises itself. Some agencies like the Diligence International Group even offer international surveillance services.

When You Don’t Have the Means to Closely Monitor Your Business at All Times

An in-house surveillance team doesn’t just mean that you have to spend money in order to acquire and retain your team and your equipment. It also means that you have to manage your team and you have to maintain your equipment, so, it’s not just a one-time expense, but rather, a recurring expense.

If You Want to Make Proper Use of New Technology

Another big reason why you might want to opt to outsource your business surveillance team is that it’s very likely that most outsourced surveillance teams are going to be updating their equipment, especially since 5G networks are about to become rather common. This not only means that you get much more value out of your transactions, but also that you are able to enjoy the benefits of having the latest in technology.

Artificial Intelligence and IOT

Now, consider the fact that surveillance equipment will also greatly benefit from other technologies such as artificial intelligence and the internet of things. These technologies are not only bound to make surveillance much more reliable in terms of how artificial intelligence can be used to identify persons of interest, such as a disgruntled employee or a known criminal. This also makes it more convenient to monitor a workplace, which means that a single person who’s monitoring the areas can cover a wider area with more reliability because of how surveillance can be automated with artificial intelligence.

We’re not going to argue against the fact that the primary advantage of outsourcing your video surveillance (and your security detail in general) is helping you save a lot of money. However, what makes outsourcing your video surveillance such a practical business move lies in the fact that we’re about to experience a significant technological leap. Again, most companies are going to want to get their hands on the latest tech, but they won’t always be able or willing to spend a significant amount of money in order to acquire these technologies.

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