5 Best Books for Understanding and Supporting Mental Health at Work

Mental Health Awareness Week takes place 18-24 May and it could not come at a more relevant and important time. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are widespread – and business leaders and their staff are all feeling the pressure.

4. Making Relationships Work at Work – a toolkit for getting more done with less stress by Richard Fox

Whether working remotely or in a bustling office environment, relationships and the dynamics between people will directly impact your ability to get things done. Toxic relationships can damage an organisation’s ability to collaborate, innovate and succeed, but perhaps more importantly, it can also have a huge detrimental effect on the mental health of individuals.

Making Relationships Work at Work is a new book that is packed with practical strategies, tips and tools to comprehensively cover the key aspects of building and maintaining great relationships at work. The author, Richard Fox, is the founder of The Learning Corporation and draws upon his wealth of experience of working with large teams around the world to provide advice that CEOs and business leaders will find invaluable.

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