Jacob & Co Unveil $280,000 Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Watch

Luxury watch manufacturer and legendary car maker combine to produce the ultimate watch for wealthy car lovers and Bugatti fans complete with hand-crafted mini ‘engine’.

When famed car makers Bugatti and luxury watch manufacturers Jacob & Co signed an agreement in 2019 designed to celebrate their individual luxury brands through exclusive timepieces, we were treated to the Epic X Chrono and the Twin Turbo Furious. But now, the two illustrious companies have gone a step further and created the ultimate watch for car lovers: The Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon
Jacob & Co-Bugatti-Chiron Photo: Jacob & Co

The watch itself is a stunning blend of one of the most revered supercars in the world, the high-powered Bugatti Chiron, and the renowned Tourbillon watches that have cemented Jacob & Co’s status as one of the finest luxury watchmakers in the world.

The New York-based watch manufacturer has spent nearly a year developing this timepiece and has now released their all-new $280,000 Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon. The Chiron Tourbillon eclipses the previous fruits of the partnership by the two companies, largely thanks to the spectacular movement in the watch. Designed to “reproduce the visceral sensation of the iconic Bugatti 16-cylinder engine” by incorporating a miniature representation of the Bugatti 16-cylinder 1,500 horsepower engine you’d find in the Chiron itself, complete with miniature crankshaft and pistons. All told the movement contains over 578 moving parts.

Jacob & Co-Bugatti-Chiron Movement, based on the Chiron Engine with working pistons
Jacob & Co-Bugatti-Chiron Movement, based on the Chiron Engine with working pistons Photo: Jacob & Co

The attention to detail is befitting of both brands, with the crankshaft made from a single piece of steel, which according to Jacob & Co is one of the smallest and most complex parts to make in the world of watchmaking. Further highlighting the craftsmanship involved, the entire ‘engine’ mechanism is suspended on four car-type shock absorbers creating a bewitching feature that enables the mini Bugatti ‘engine’ to move up and down as you move, creating the impression of it floating within the case. This patented design is exclusive to Jacob & Co and only currently available in the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon.

If you look closely, you can also make out the Bugatti branding on the movement supplementing the lifelike vision of the watch’s movement. The breath-taking piece sits beneath a large sapphire crystal affording clear views of the constantly rotating tourbillon movement, which also rectifies any potential errors in time-keeping that can occur owing to gravity. A design which Jacob & Co developed from scratch, taking over a year to perfect.

The likeness to the Chiron continues with the 60-hour power reserve being monitored by a car-type fuel gauge, complete with a gas pump symbol, while a clear view of the tourbillon regulator replicates the iconic horseshoe shape of the Bugatti grill.

Bugatti Chiron: The inspiration behind the watch.
Bugatti Chiron: The inspiration behind the watch. Photo: Jacob & Co

The artistry of this watch is matched only by its own sense of fun and enthusiasm for the Bugatti it takes its inspiration from. This is most evident by pressing the buttons located on the side of the Chiron Tourbillon which causes the steel crankshaft to rotate engages the pistons which move up and down, just like in a real car engine. That’s not all, for good measure, Jacob & Co have also included two turbochargers in the watch that also spin while the engine is running.  A feature that is sure to delight car fanatics.

Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron rear
Jacob & Co Bugatti Chiron rear Photo: Jacob & Co

All of this is encased in a black titanium case which takes its inspiration from the curves of the Chiron’s exterior. The piece is completed with a black rubber strap which leaves the design clean and highlights the flashes of Chiron blue located on the watch hands and select parts of the movement.

With the Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon, Jacob & Co have created a truly spectacular watch. Priced at $280,000, this is surely a must-own for anyone who loves the brand and in particular Bugatti Chiron owners.

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