5 Business Books You Should Read on World Creativity & Innovation Day

21 April 2020 is the UN’s World Creativity & Innovation Day, a time to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in economic, social and sustainable development.  

5. What Philosophy Can Teach You About Being a Better Leader, by Alison Reynolds and others

To some business leaders, the works of the great philosophers may seem fairly intimidating, inaccessible or perhaps even outdated when it comes to today’s management and leadership. What this insightful book reveals, however, is the importance of asking the right questions in every situation, and how this has become one of the most invaluable skills when developing a culture of creativity and innovation.

In the book, four of the brightest minds from British business schools explore how some of history’s great philosophers – Aristotle, Socrates, Kant and Nietzsche – would approach questions of empowerment, engagement, leadership, values and performance. With the help of a whole host of brilliant minds, this book turns traditional management practices on their head and shows us how the leaders who will succeed are the ones focusing on their workforce and valuing their employees as creative and innovative people, rather than just cogs within the machine.

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