5 Business Books You Should Read on World Creativity & Innovation Day

21 April 2020 is the UN’s World Creativity & Innovation Day, a time to raise the awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in economic, social and sustainable development.  

CEO Today has chosen the best books to help inspire creativity and innovation in business. Here are our top 5 picks…

1. The Creative Thinking Handbook, by Chris Griffiths

Written by world-leading creativity, innovation and Mind Mapping® expert Chris Griffiths, The Creative Thinking Handbook is a guide to developing great ideas in business. The book breaks down traditional business creativity assumptions and takes readers back to the basics of creativity, by helping professionals understand their own mind and giving them the skills they need to create their own great ideas.

This book contains brainteasers, tests and exercises to help readers put their new creative skills into action, using tried and tested methods from the author’s experiences with high profile companies and clients – including Nobel Laureates, Pepsi, the BBC and the Dalai Lama.

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