Ex Boeing CEO Leaves with $62 Million Package

Being fired in December, former CEO of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg is now leaving from the firm with a $62 million departure package, including pension benefits and all compensation.

He was let go in December in a bid to repair confidence in the plane manufacturer after two deadly crashes involving its 737 Max plane. Dennis Muilenburg will now be leaving without a severance package, but with a whopping $62 million in compensation and pensions benefits.

According to reports, the compensation he will leave with amounts to benefits he was “contractually entitled to” and does not include any added bonuses. Muilenburg does however own stock options which as of last Friday’s close would be worth a further $18.5 million.

Boeing has also recently reported that the new CEO David Calhoun, who has been on the firm’s board since 2009, could receive a bonus of $7 million if he manages to get the infamous 737 Max planes flying safely again, adding that Calhoun is the right person “to strengthen Boeing’s safety culture, improve transparency and rebuild trust.”

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