3 Digital Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Use

As an entrepreneur, there are many tools which can make your job easier.

When individuals are using their creativity and innovation in ways that could lead to a business, they may not have the initial funds to help support them on that journey. As a result, they may have to rely on some free applications, software or other digital tools available to assist them whilst they grow their business. Even small start-up businesses are taking advantage of a lot of these small tools that can support in the workload planning, processing of orders and design of images. Below we have taken a sample of just some of the small business management tools that are available to people to trial and see if they fit in with their projects or business.


Trello is a popular software that will support people or companies with task allocation. This software is free to download and has initial trials for people where they can adapt the boards to what fits their needs. This allows immediate visibility of tasks that are due to be completed, when they are complete but also the ability to upload documents to the software for traceability. This is a great prioritisation tool where you can have multiple users signed in at the same time using the software in real-time. It is definitely one of the best small business management tools out there.


If you are an individual or company that needs free stock images then you need to be careful about which photos you use. A lot of pictures have trademarks and are therefore protected. If you take them without permission and share or use them, you could potentially even have to pay out a large fine for their inconvenience. The beauty of Pixabay is that there are many unprotected images here that you can download or copy for free. If you would like some of the other images in their catalogue that are protected, they make sure that you are aware of this and charge a small fee for copying them. Pixabay’s software is free and easy to use.


It is important to keep all your accounts up to date. Times have changed from when people were required to have hundreds of different areas of paper evidence in their business and most things can now be done digitally. The Xero software allows you to create quotes, invoices and reminders to manage your incomings. You can directly link this software to your bank account so that if someone pays a bill, it is easily reconciled and will no longer send them out the automatic reminders.

In addition to this, if you earn enough money to be registered for VAT, using the Xero software makes the returns of these simple. In fact, if you use this software to its full potential there is even a question mark over whether you would need an accountant or not. Initial trials for Xero are free and there is a small fee for small businesses.

Finding the right business management tools for you will majorly improve your productivity in your business. Start researching the right tools for your business now.

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