Two Weeks in Florida: How to Make the Most of Your Trip

With exciting theme parks, sprawling wetlands and attractions for everyone, Florida is a great destination to bring the whole family.

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Both small and big kids will enjoy busy days on the rides and roller coasters as well evenings filled with dinners and shows. With so much excitement, return to your welcoming large villa in Florida where there’s enough space for the whole family to relax.

There’s a lot to organise, but with these tips, you can make the most out of your trip to Florida. 


With any trip, there will be some element of research that’ll be involved, but with Florida, as there’s so much you can experience, research is essential. Before you book anything, make sure you look into where you want to stay in relation to the sites and attractions you want to experience. You’ll want to stay close enough for short drives but in a location that’s not as busy as the main resort. This way you can choose between the excitement of the resort and the quiet of Florida – the best of both worlds.

Book tickets in advance

If you have theme parks such as Universal Orlando Resort or Walt Disney World Resort on your schedule, you should book your tickets in advance. With a lot of attractions to see in Florida, you don’t want to be queuing longer than you have to. Do make sure you bring confirmation of your booking, just in case.

Start early

Seize the day and wake up early to make the most of your time in Florida. Early risers will get to experience those precious moments before the rollercoaster queues spell into longer waiting times. If you’re not heading to Florida’s theme parks, wake up early to enjoy a family breakfast then head out to the beach to get the pick of the best spots on the sand.

Starting early may mean you’ll return earlier than you may normally do, but do stay up late at least once on your trip. This way you can experience all of Florida’s fantastic nightlife, from restaurants that stay open late to theatre performances. You may even catch the famous fireworks displays at Disney’s Epcot.

Don’t overload your schedule

With so many attractions to experience and sites to see, it can be helpful to plan out an itinerary. Keep this to one or two attractions a day as they’ll no doubt eat up more of your time than expected. If you decide to visit the world-famous theme parks, do give yourself a couple of days to enjoy these as they are expensive.

However, there’s a lot of temptations in Florida that can lure you into rerouting from your schedule and you should let it. Sometimes, it’s the spontaneous moments that’ll you’ll remember forever, so if something catches your eye, be it a themed dinner or a new show, let the excitement of Florida elevate your trip.

Download apps but leave the tech at home 

There’s nothing quite as distracting than seeing a family sat together at dinner, all on their phones, especially when in one of the most exciting resorts in America. Leave the iPads and Kindles at home and switch off those work emails to enjoy your time together as a family. This said, there are some apps you can download onto your phone that can help you make the most of your trip.

The My Disney Experience – Walt Disney World Official App lets you book fastpass+ times so you can get onto the rides with minimal queuing. It also lets you book tables into the restaurants as well as gives a detailed interactive map with up to date queue times for rides and much more. The Official Universal Orlando Resort App is similar as it lets you see queue times for rides.

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