Orders for Tesla’s New Cybertruck Hit 200,000

Following the launch of tesla’s new cybertruck, the electric car company has already received an influx of over 200,000 orders.

Within 48 hours of the cybertruck’s reveal over 146,000 orders were placed. The internet pushed for the remaining 50,000+. Afterall, all that is required for the order is a $100 refundable deposit. Perhaps you’re thinking of ordering one yourself?

According to Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, orders for the $39,900 cybertruck are still climbing and last week’s reveal was very successful.

Despite this, upon revealing the new cybertruck, Tesla’s stock tanked, falling 6% on Friday, and gaining momentum back this week climbing 2%. Although this is fairly normal considering how far ahead tesla are pushing tech development.

Here’s a quick video from the launch event which shows the window on the new cybertruck shattering; clearly a display of endurance gone wrong, but it didn’t seem to affect public response so it’s a win for Tesla either way.

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