5 Ways Cleanliness at Home Impacts Productivity in the Workplace

Working in an organised, clean, and tidy place can really help promote productivity. It makes finding what you need easier and ensures that you don’t waste time looking for that important document.

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The question is can cleanliness at home also impact productivity in the workplace?

Here are a few examples that show just how important it is.


It is impossible to deep-clean a house on a daily basis; however, there are strategies that you can come up with in order to make sure your household is always clean. When it comes to the kitchen, this blog shows how effective devising a strategy can be to help you get the most done in the minimum amount of time. Using such a strategy at home will guarantee that everything is clean by working on different areas according to priorities. Regarding office productivity, once you’ve learned how to make a strategy in order to clean your home and you know how to reach your end goal, you can apply the same concept to your work, which will help you become a lot more productive. Understanding which tasks need to be done on a daily basis, prioritizing them, and making time for other tasks that need to be done on a weekly or monthly basis or when involved in a project will help you get everything done in due time, instead of overwhelming yourself with trying to do everything at once and failing miserably. It’s all about the strategy you choose to use and making a plan that helps you follow through.

Health Benefits

Coming from a clean environment helps eliminate sickness and ensures that employees are healthy. When employees are healthy, not only does it help them stay productive as they don’t have to use up their sick days, but it also prevents the sickness from spreading in the workplace. Viruses can spread pretty quickly, and once a person is contaminated, one person after the other starts getting the symptoms and follows in their footsteps, resulting in half the office getting sick. This not only affects each individual’s productivity, but also that of the entire workforce as the company tends to lose efficiency without their manpower in place. That’s why it is essential that the homes are clean in order to try and prevent diseases and sicknesses from spreading as much as possible leading to an overall increase in the employees’ productivity.


You’d be surprised how much focus an employee has when they learn to de-clutter. Being surrounded by many useless objects can not only be distracting, but can also be ridiculously time-consuming when searching for specific items. Learning organisational skills when cleaning the household will make it difficult for an employee to focus if their desks are cluttered and filled with unnecessary items leading to their inability to focus. And when the employees are used to things being organised, they will need to keep their areas clean and tidy. This doesn’t just benefit the employees in terms of being able to focus without distraction, but also in being efficient, productive, and getting things done in a timely manner due to their high levels of organisation. You’d also be surprised about how distracting it is for other employees when they are surrounded by desks filled with garbage. Having a clean workspace allows each person to concentrate on the tasks at hand and be as productive as possible.


Cleanliness at home also affects the way your employees will behave in the workplace. Let’s face it; most employees spend more time at the office than they do at home. That means that unless they are used to being clean, they will leave the office in a total mess. When coming from a clean, organised home, an employee will not accept to be stationed in a place that is dirty or dusty or has a foul smell and full of clutter or garbage, not only because they won’t be able to focus, but also because they just won’t be able to handle the situation.

However, when an employee is used to living in a dirty household, their behaviour at work will not be much different. Bringing unclean habits from home into a workplace will make the place an unhealthy environment in terms of sickness, mood, spirit, and productivity. There’s something about unclean areas that puts off most people and will result in them trying to minimise the amount of time they spend at the office and therefore reducing their productivity levels.


Coming from a clean environment means that your appearance will reflect that, too. You will look presentable with your clothes all clean, ironed out, and looking spotless, giving a good impression. Of course, taking care of your hygiene goes without saying. When the overall look is smart and clean, the employee will reflect the image of the company and will be able to leave a better impact on customers and clients due to the great appearance.

Imagine having a meeting with someone who has a foul odor or has multiple stains on their shirt. Would you really trust going into business with them? That’s why appearances not only matter, but they also help when it comes to productivity as it makes the customers focus on what you’re saying, as well as encouraging them to move forward. Habits die hard, and so, if an employee comes from an unclean environment, it will be evident in their appearance and the way they deal with those around them, affecting their productivity. No one wants to work with someone who is sloppy and unclean and has a bad smell or isn’t presentable, and in front of customers, it definitely doesn’t look good either.

Having a clean home can really affect how clean an employee’s office space is and in turn impact not only their productivity, but also the productivity levels of those around them. In order to ensure that employees are working efficiently and are at their most productive levels, it is important to guarantee that their cleanliness is a habit that is done at home as well as the workplace.

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