4 Keys to a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

In today’s world of business, digital marketing is the order of the day. To maximize their brand’s recognition, sales, and growth, businesses need to rethink their marketing strategies.

While it may be impractical to abandon the good old traditional marketing strategies such as the use of business cards, newspaper ads, worth of mouth, banners, exhibitions in workshops, and mainstream media ads, today’s advancements in technology calls for investing aggressively in digital marketing for any business that wants to remain relevant and on top of their competition. However, it is not about the money or effort you put in, but rather, it’s more about how smart you do it. The success of your digital marketing campaign will primarily depend on how well you plan and strategize. Want your digital marketing efforts to create a real impact on your business? Here are some things to consider for a successful digital marketing campaign.

1. Have a Goal and Objectives

Even though the two terms are sometimes used synonymously, goals are more “long-term” in nature than objectives. In layman’s terms, objectives are certain measurable steps of achievement that; combined, create a road map that leads to the achievement of a goal, mission or major achievement. A goal could be something like “Turn my company into the go-to online retail shop in Asia”. On the other hand, an objective could be something like “invest more in Facebook ads” or “create 50 marketing videos for my business’ YouTube channel by the end of the year”, “optimize my website to improve traffic”. You’ll also need to set measurable Key Performance Indexes for your objectives to be complete.

But the harsh truth is that creating a complete strategy with realistic goals and objectives can be a real pain in the back, especially if you have a lot on your plate already in other areas of the business. This is where professional digital marketers come in handy, and you can always hire a digital marketing company to handle it all for you. The good thing about hiring a complete digital marketing service is that they’ll take the entire marketing burden off your shoulder and you don’t even have to be tech-savvy to create a winning marketing strategy with realistic KPIs, trackable progress and measurable results. The experts will see to it that your site’s traffic, the time users spend on your site, and your conversion rates increase for a boost in your business’ ROI and overall growth. You’ll also benefit from professional advice on any weak areas and what you can do to improve the results in question, thus improving the decision-making process.

2. Know How to Reach Your Audience

A digital marketing strategy or campaign may not be so much of use without a target audience in mind. Most importantly, you just have to know where and how to reach your target audience. Are they mostly on Facebook (social media) or do they spend most of their time searching for stuff on Google? Could Pay Per Click or email marketing reach them better? It’s always best to be specific to the audience you’re targeting when setting up a digital marketing campaign if at all you’re looking at nothing short of success. This is all the more reason to get professional help from digital marketing experts, especially if the results matter more to you than gaining experience in this field. In most cases, however, you will have to use a combination of approaches since today’s internet users a literally everywhere, from social platforms to search engines, emails, binge-watching on YouTube, and so forth.

3. Creating an Effective Funnel

A more effective digital marketing campaign is one that incorporates a sales funnel. Basically, a sales funnel is comprised of the various steps involved in the sales process before and after a prospect actually buys a product or a service from any business. The main phases are Outreach, Conversion, Closing, and Retention.

  • Outreach – Here, you reach your target clients through various channels, including Facebook ads, your site’s landing page, online video ads, and content. Brand awareness and engagement also take place here.
  • Conversion – If your marketing tools manage to catch a prospect’s attention, they end up purchasing a product or service or making an order.
  • Closing – This phase may involve the use of questionnaires, reviews, and emails.
  • Retention – You want to retain your first-time customers, so you use tools such as white papers, emails, exclusive offers, and surveys, among others.

As you seek to build an effective sales funnel, it’s worth noting that it is called a sales funnel because the number of people reduces down from the top, with loyal returning customers being the least. In other words, your ads and promotions reach out to many people, but only a fraction will end up visiting your site or even calling the business for more information. Conversely, those who end up purchasing your product or service are fewer and the ones who return for a second purchase are even fewer, representing only a fraction of the audience your digital marketing campaign reached out to.

4. Creating Effective Content

Content is by far one of the most important tools in internet marketing. How you create your content can go a long way in either leading to the explosive growth of your business or bringing it down to its knees. After all, it’s what you use to reach out to your audience, capture their attention, and convince them to buy or gain trust in you and become loyal to your business. Whether it’s your landing page, your social media profile, or other ad platforms, your content simply needs to be informative and engaging. It needs to add value to your prospects or target audience and since we live in a dynamic world where things are changing from time to time, your digital marketing content needs to be up-to-date. From blog posts to web content, articles, and social media ads, you’ll need to get creative with your content to sell your brand, products, and services over digital platforms. It needs to be relevant to them, grab their attention and engage them well before it can convince your target audience to make a purchase.

On a parting shot, digital marketing requires a wide range of tactics and skills. Since not all businesses are the same, it’s important to be flexible in your approach. After all, it’s a dynamic world and things keep on changing in this area. Whatever strategies you put in place, be sure to track progress and monitor the results, since what works today may not be the best approach tomorrow. This is why it is highly important to have a professional handling your digital marketing campaigns.

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