Engineered Tax Services: Helping You Succeed

Mr Julio P. Gonzalez is the CEO and Founder of Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS). ETS is the country’s largest specialty tax engineering firm, which specializes in the preservation of wealth and United States’ job creation through IRS engineering-based services to include research and development manufacturing tax credits, energy tax incentives studies, cost segregation deprecation studies for buildings, and disposition studies. Mr Gonzalez started ETS in 2001 to bring specialized engineering tax studies to mainstream America, which have historically only available to the Fortune 500 companies through the Big 4 National Accounting Firms. ETS has offices nationally and is headquartered in West Palm Beach, Florida.

In addition to ETS, Mr Gonzalez started several other family operational companies including his family office, Gonzalez Family Office (GFO), Calle Gato Ocho (CGO), Engineered Tax Exchange (ETE) and Engineered Family Office (EFO). Gonzalez Family Office manages the Gonzalez family capital by investing primarily in real estate, private equity and venture capital.

Mr Gonzalez works weekly in Washington DC to advise on tax reform and is the go-to tax expert representing Hispanic 100, Hispanic Council and family offices. He is a regular public speaker on a national level regarding tax reform and tax sophistication for wealth preservation.


How would you describe your style of leadership? How is it effective?

I focus on being a Servant Leader. My goal is to provide the most effective work environment for my employees to find work satisfaction and growth both professionally and personally. I focus on constant learning to find new ways to help the employees optimize their work experience and personal satisfaction.


Due diligence on venture capital and private equity investing is vital – how do you ensure that it is completed thoroughly and effectively?

We have joined forces with several other family offices to form an MFO. This has allowed us to have much better intelligence in terms of due diligence and gives us much better buying power and much more enhanced deal flow


What do you do differently at Engineered Tax Services that sets you apart from competitors in the industry?

Several factors. We focus on customer service and satisfaction. We are dedicated to our clients’ experience and we are dedicated to a high level of expertise. We want to do a great job for our clients and make sure the experience is equally one of high satisfaction for them.


What common problems do your clients face that requires your services?

Our clients have reports that get audited by the IRS. We have a great relationship with the IRS and the IRS agents, and we make sure that we do a great job proactively sending the IRS expert reports but also do a great job of education with the IRS agent under review.


Do you have a particularly popular service among the rest?

Our two main services are R&D tax credits and Cost Segregation studies. R&D tax credits are in essence a refund of labor in the United States for United States labor that has elements of innovation. We also provide real estate tax studies to help make real estate investing optimal in terms of tax efficiency. Both studies focus on creating more jobs and a stronger economy in the USA.


What do you have planned for Engineered Tax Services in the year ahead?

When you are in the business of tax, you realize that tax law changes over time. We are always looking at new and upcoming changes to the tax law to continue to find the best ways to help our clients preserve wealth through tax mitigation.

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