App47: Deploy, Monitor and Secure Enterprise Apps

Chris Schroeder is the CEO and Co-founder of App47, Inc. Chris started App47 in 2011 to provide enterprises with the same set of system management capabilities for their mobile apps that they employ for their servers, routers and applications. Drawing on over 30 years of experience in IT, App47 makes it easy to deploy, monitor and secure your enterprise mobile apps.


What services do you offer your clients and how do you achieve the best possible delivery?

Companies need to secure the delivery of mobile applications to an ever more diverse audience. This includes employees, customers, and other constituents in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment where the device often cannot be controlled by the enterprise. In situations like that, App47 can provide the management and security you need to launch a successful mobile app offering.

App47’s cloud-based Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution gives today’s mobile enterprises the power they need to optimize the mobile user experience. Only App47 delivers an integrated, lifecycle approach to help enterprises quickly and securely deploy, manage, and analyze enterprise mobile Apps—without compromising the privacy of enterprise data.

In addition to our world-class MAM solution, we have a dedicated implementation team that can provide the last mile integration needed for any customer environment. While most of our customers are able to configure their account independently, when a customer has a unique requirement like a customized LDAP solution, customer-facing products or MDM integration requirements, the App47 implementation team can make it happen.


On a more personal basis, what brought you to your career today?

Most of my career, I’ve been the technologist, the propeller head. As a member of previous successful startups, my investment team gave me an opportunity to start App47 as the CEO.

I like to build companies that create opportunities for people to come in and grow themselves. I’m always emphasizing the importance of finding something that speaks to your passion, and to be prepared to work hard for it once you find that passion. I love taking someone fresh out of college, or wanting to switch career fields, and giving them the support they need to follow their passion. When they fail, we teach them how to correct their errors and grow from it.

Now, on the drive home each day from work, I don’t have to wonder if I’ve moved the ball forward that day. I review the App47 team and clients, employee opportunities, our children, and my own future. That steady moving forward, strategically taking the next move gives me a lot of satisfaction


What is the mission and overall objective at App47? In what ways are you working to achieve this?

Like every set of technology, mobility is still “new”, still learning and still finding where it fits in the enterprise. As a result, mobility is not as well understood as desktop management, network ACLs or even cloud management.

The mission of App47 is to make enterprise app management easy and secure while functioning as a force multiplier for productivity and collaboration across the organization.


Have any recent technological advancements affected App47 and how it works?

Earlier this year, App47 released its Level 3 Advanced Security offering. This update was a giant leap forward in securing your mobile app through its entire life cycle. While we always provided a high level of security when onboarding users and downloading applications,  Level 3 Advanced Security, once installed,  allows App47 to protect customers regardless of network connectivity.


Are there any future developments in tech and the Mobile App industry that you are looking forward to?

The two big players in mobile, iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) are constantly evolving their mobile strategy and how they work with both customers and the enterprise.

App47 has plans to help bridge the gaps created by both platforms in a way that offers a seamless integration point for your employees, 3rd party consultants and in some cases customers.

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