Pros and Cons of Electric Cars

It is an interesting time in the world of motoring right now as more and more people start to make the switch to electric vehicles.

This has, in part, been accelerated by the various bans and fines being introduced to deter people from driving petrol and diesel, as well as the constant media attention given to climate change.

This has led to many motorists making the switch to electric, but many do not know everything there is to know about this alternative type of vehicle.

The Benefits

There are numerous benefits to making the switch to an electric car. First, they are much cheaper to run than diesel or petrol so you could make huge savings in the long run despite their expensive price tag. Additionally, the maintenance costs are much lower as they are nowhere near as complex as a petrol or diesel engine (this means that they are less likely to breakdown too).

The other major benefit, of course, is the environmental benefits as they have no tailpipe emissions. This is important in a time where environmental damage is constantly in the news and a major talking point (it also means that you pay no road tax too). In addition to these benefits, these cars are constantly improving in terms of technology and range and they can offer a pleasant, quiet driving experience. There is not as much choice as regular vehicles but still many excellent ones to choose from.


There are currently a few drawbacks to electric cars, however. First, they can be expensive to purchase which can make them hard to afford for many motorists. When money is an issue it is worth speaking to a reliable dealership like Peter Vardy where you can benefit from finance deals and offers. Additionally, the infrastructure is still in development so there are not as many charging points as there need to be (although this is slowly changing). This also means that range anxiety is an issue particularly when you factor in that it can take a long time to recharge fully.

Additionally, critics often state that the manufacturing process of the batteries means that they are not as clean as billed. Despite this, they are still cleaner than petrol and diesel and will continue to become more sustainable as the technology and manufacturing techniques improve which cannot be said for petrol and diesel.

Electric vehicles are certainly the future of motoring, yet many motorists are making the switch without understanding the main benefits and drawbacks of these types of vehicles. While there are many benefits and they are cleaner than petrol and diesel, it is important to know that there are a few drawbacks and that the technology has not peaked just yet.

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