Why Private Jet Hire Is the Way Forward for Businesses

Travelling for work can be fun, especially when you’re heading overseas.

But, as much fun as it can be, it can also be extremely tiring if you have to use several forms of transport, or ones that have been chosen to save the company money.

It’s been all over the news that Tesla CEO Elon Musk spent close to £100 million on private jet flights over the course a year. While this may not surprise you, what might surprise you is many senior execs in their mid-30s are opting to fly via private jet, in order to reach business meetings.

In fact, around 70% of businesses are now booking private jets for business, and there are many companies like Chapman Freeborn offering private jet hire for businesses. But, what exactly are the benefits?

Well, let us take you through the top four advantages of using a private jet charter below.

Save Time

If you fly using a regular operator, then it’ll take a lot longer than a private jet. Rather than arriving super early and waiting around, those using a private jet can arrive 15 minutes before their flight. This will provide you with much more time to work beforehand.

You won’t have the same air traffic issues once up in the sky either, which will help to reduce worries of being delayed or issues of it being cancelled.

Private jets also fly from major and smaller airports, which could help you when considering how long it’ll take you to get to your flight.

Easy to Do

Using the service is usually very easy to do too – which itself helps to save time. All you have you have to do is sign up by entering your personal information, then input the details of the type of flight you require.

You’ll then be presented with the results for you to choose from, which can accommodate anywhere from one to up to 20 people.

Privacy and Comfort

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages is not having to share your flight with random people. Because let’s face it, who wants to be heading to a business meeting with a plane full of people heading on holiday?

You’ll also have much more comfort as the seats will be bigger and there’ll be more room to move around. This will also provide you with the perfect spot for you to work while flying.

Business Perks

This is more of a way of impressing clients than anything else. After all, what looks better, arriving via private jet or arriving on a budget airline?

But, overall, it’ll provide perks to your business as it’ll save time while allowing employees to continue working while in the air. It’ll also allow them to relax before heading to those all-important meetings or conferences.

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