A CEO’s Guide to Private Jet Membership

If you travel a lot through business, private jet membership could be an ideal solution.

Offering an unprecedented level of comfort and helping with your professional and successful image, private jets have become a popular choice for business travellers in recent years.

You have a lot of options open to you with private jet travel, and membership programs are just one option to consider. Here, you’ll discover what private jet membership entails and the alternatives on offer.

What is a private jet membership?

Different private aviation companies offer slightly differing private jet memberships. However, they all offer the same ultimate benefit – to be able to use a private jet to travel for a specific number of hours each year. You’ll pay a set fee for this, and it enables you to fly whenever you need to at a moment’s notice.

As each airline will offer slightly different terms and conditions, it’s important to compare your options before choosing the right one to match your needs. If you’re flying a lot, these types of memberships can help you to potentially save a lot of money on the cost of travel. However, jet membership isn’t your only option.

What are the alternatives?

If you won’t be travelling regularly enough to benefit from jet memberships, there are alternative options. You can purchase jet cards, take advantage of jet chartering, buy or part-own a private jet or take advantage of empty leg offers.

Jet cards allow you to pre-pay for a set number of air miles. They give you the benefit of the more hours you pre-pay for, the cheaper they’ll be. However, the costs of using these types of cards aren’t cheap! It’s cheaper than buying a private jet, but you’ll still need to have a high net worth in order to benefit.

By far the most popular option is private jet chartering. You have a number of chartering options, plus you’re only paying as you fly. You can take advantage of empty leg seats too, which typically come at a very low cost.

The benefits of chartering a private jet

There are a lot of benefits which come from chartering a private jet. The fact it’s become much cheaper in recent years is a huge advantage. Many business travellers find chartering a private jet even more affordable than travelling via business class on a commercial flight.

You’ll get to experience the luxury and comfort of a private jet, without having to spend millions of pounds. Chartering makes private jet travel more attainable and is an ideal option for CEO’s. So, if you’re looking to enhance your business travel, why not look into chartering a private jet or taking advantage of private jet memberships?

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